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WildernessPunk City

Hello dear readers and explorers seeking the truth of the wild within our modern explosion of technological ease. Sorry for a little gap since my last post. I had a WP written, proofed, and ready to rip, but withheld it due to an overabundance of personal discourse and negativity.

Yeah, I chose to spare you all that.


Instead, I’m looking to take us into a different direction. Those of you who have followed the WildernessPunk posts, will remember I was living off the land a year ago, sleeping in the wilds while making most of my cash, which allowed me to do so, through writing and web based gigs. Thus, the origin of the WildernessPunk ideal.

Camp ! Writing Spot


You might also be aware, I’ve been wrestling a bit with the legitimacy of continuing my posts, now that I have a roof over my head and live in the middle of a sprawling city. (Tucson’s population might not be huge, but it’s dimensions covers the same amount of land as New York City, including the borrows.)

Yet, after some time away from The Castle and in the middle of town, I’ve engaged in a new line of thinking. Is the goal of WildernessPunk to shine the light on one person, who with a little love and luck, is able to reach some blissful state for a few months or should it be a more universal concept or goal?




Is the parent coming home from a job, they drive to, going to get much use out of stories taking place in the forest, while they’re making dinner for three children? Besides escapism and poking some neurons, its stays a less than practical application.

If you add suburbia to the cities, we are talking about the majority of this country’s population. (According to new numbers released from the U.S. Census Bureau, 80.7 percent of the U.S. population lived in urban areas as of the 2010 Census, a boost from the 79 percent counted in 2000.) Most other countries are similar and are, in many cases, more developed. In light of these facts, what if we looked at this WildernessPunk with a different perspective. Instead of proclaiming the glory of the wilds, in an Edward Abbey manner. “It’s great out here for the chosen few, aren’t you jealous of my million dollar view?”

Monument Valley

Since most of us live in industrialized areas, what if the concept of WildernessPunk could be the idea of people within the city looking out? Finding a way to protect what is left of our natural world, while also returning it into the city.

The Wilderness aspect could be our elevation of its importance in our life and our respect for it. The Punk could represent our tricky and creative methods used to preserve and restore nature, even when surrounding by of sea of big boxes and right angles. Also, perhaps using high tech methods of environmental protection, which are new inventions, but the type of imaginative things that will give us a chance to keep our species and all creatures living on this beautiful planet.

Safety Beer

So yeah, that’s it. On one hand simple and on the other it becomes the greatest and most important issue we will ever face. We don’t need to live like we have a safety cap on our lives to help. Let’s explore ways, we can stretch our muscles as well as our dollar, while helping both ourselves, our country, and the environment together. Buckle in. Let’s go!


cyber city


You can grab some of my fiction here, which maybe has a little something to do with this.



Bone Bush



4 Responses to “WildernessPunk City”

  1. I would love to spend several months living out in the wild – I gain most of my writing inspiration from hiking. Any chance I have to get outside and go for a hike, I’m out there! I can’t help but feel a bit envious of your experiences. I definitely think that shifting to park conservation would be interesting to read about – but I also think that you sharing your unique experiences is exciting to read about! Wherever you decide to take your blogging endeavors I’m sure will be great – thanks for sharing and happy writing!

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