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Walking Through Fire by Sherri Cook Woosley

Walking Through Fire by Sherri Cook Woosley

Genre:  Dark Fantasy

Publisher:  Talos Press

Published: 2018

Reviewer Rating:  4 Stars

Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths





Walking Through Fire by Sherri Cook Woosley covers a great deal of interesting ground and might be hard to tag a genre to, but I am going to go with Dark Fantasy, which, at least for me, means a fantasy novel which takes place within our current age.  The novel revolves around Raquel and her son Adam. Adam is fighting cancer, but even this takes a back seat when the modern world is decimated overnight by a supernatural firestorm which all but destroys civilization.




Raquel and her son survive the beginnings of the aftermath by staying in the hospital, but once he gets better, they are forced to leave. Instead of remaining in the city, she decides to try for her mountain cabin. She encounters more things which are becoming increasingly difficult to explain but arrives there and manages to make a few allies.

Things get worse after meeting some soldiers who kill her friend and create a conflict which injuries Adam. Adam’s illness once again forces her to journey to where she has been told she can find a cure. However, this time the trek takes her through a land she barely knows. Evil men and women work for gods and goddesses and fight each other as well as devour human life energy.  Soon Raquel knows she will have to accept she is living within a supernatural war and will need to take a side if she is going to be able to see herself and Adam through the building conflicts.

I enjoyed how traditional gods and goddesses were used and also how they became real beings which needed to be dealt with. Making this happen without any reference to the more popular myths many follow today proved even more satisfying. The novel takes its time developing Raquel and her changing attitudes. She shows growth and the author does a great job making her hesitate and remain skeptical of the supernatural forces until she has little choice but believe.




Downsides for some might be the main character’s lack of heroic action. There is little physical conflict in the first parts of the novel and Raquel does not fight back like a typical action hero. However, in most ways this makes her more realistic and believable. I was also a little uncertain how such intense new cultures would be created in just a couple months. I also wonder if the author should consider adding more character points of view in the upcoming novels. It was alright to keep the inner workings of others a mystery to her, but it could also make the series more epic.

I enjoyed this novel and read it fast, which is a good sign. I think the Misbegotten world is inventive and Raquel is not a typical fantasy hero. Also, although Raquel might be sheltered, she is exposed to real horrors and the novel does not pull punches in this respect. I also liked how Raquel’s magical powers helped her become an equal player in this dangerous world.

I think the work is well done. Lovers of Dark Fantasy should be sure to check this out. Mothers who love fantasy might get an extra kick out of this one too, but men will enjoy it as well. I certainly did.




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