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Hex War 2018 Summary

General Reader Note: This is a summary of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign which started in February of 1999.

A Quick Imdomitables Summary

In February 1999, in one of the first RPG Winter Games, a group known as the Imdomitables was born. They started in the small village of Louden. Through the years they lost many of their fellows until currently only Viagra, Ben, and Linguisa are all who are left. However, over the years other heroes have joined the group and grown mighty over time, such as, Fugulos, Poncheto, I-Fling, Clego, Nictus, Hose, Craven, and of course Woe Tinglebrow.




Over time they grew in strength and importance. They gained power until they landed in the capital and became the “to go to” team for King Oledan. They helped defend the capital against the Invincible Overlord’s army of Orks which was nearly 300,000 strong. After gaining the Sword of Chaos and acquiring aid from strange heroes from another world, the fight, which would later be known as the Battle of the Drawl, Dragon, and Queen, they beat the Invincible Overlord and drove his army back into the mysterious plans of Odull to the northeast. With Lawful Evil weakened, the Chaotic Evil Displacer Cult, who appeared to be followers of the Demon Lord Pazzuzues, grew in power and in both the Capital and elsewhere clashed with the Indomitables in dozens of battles. In more recent times, King Oledan had the Imdomitables exploring the mysterious new lands which appeared to the north. They discovered Chaotic Evil controlled the Northwest, while Lawful Evil maintained their control of the Northeast, with Pure Evil claiming the territory due North.


Vrock II


The Hex War 2018

Upon returning from their exploration into the regions of Pure Evil to the North, the Indomitables discovered a bizarre contest originally called the Quad War. This contest , between Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil, Pure Evil, and Chaotic Neutral would have four stages.  The stages are Mist, Wind, Ash, and Dust. During these stages the city is divided into different sections where each alignment seeks rule and their colors cover the city in Mist, Wind, or Ash. During the final stage, Dust, the winner of this contest would be crowned the new king of Oledan.




During each stage, every side of the conflict would send a representative.

Stage 1: Mist – Scouts (These were 6th level)  

Stage 2: Wind – Lords (These were/are 9th level)

Stage 3: Ash – Avatars (These were/are 13th level)

Stage 4: Dust – King (Unknown)




During Mist 2 Scouts would have to die to progress to Wind. During Wind 4 players had to die to progress to Ash. During Ash 6 players would have to die to progress to the final stage… Dust.

At the outbreak of the Quad War, Dalsala Den and Mackel, two powerful Displacer Mages Magickally sent the floating castle of the Imdomitables into the Odull desert over the Overlord’s army. This left only a few less experienced adventures to investigate and influence the Quad War. They did, however, kill the Pure Evil Scout. Chaotic Evil then ‘cheated’ by forcing a 6th level neutral thief to join the war, and then promptly killed him, which sent the contest into Wind.




Hearing of this cheating, the Indomitable, Viagra spearheaded a sixth team, Lawful Neutral? Thus the contest is now known as the Hex War! After being again Displaced to the Pure Evil city Sarnath, the Indomitables finally arrived in the Capital. Viagra quickly led an assault and crippled the Lawful Evil team, by killing both their Scout and Lord. The team attacked Chaotic Evil, but during the attack, the Chaotic Neutral Scout Spiral was killed. The dug in and well prepared Chaotic Evil, killed their own scout to hurry the game into stage 3 ASH.


Face bad


Six Hex War deaths was all which separated the final contest for the crown of their ally King Oledan, so the Indomintables took on the strongest team, Chaotic Evil. Instead of controlled buildings, they found a dungeon dug under the city. During the fierce battles which took place, five Indomitables died, Including the Neutral Lord Phobeus. They killed their old enemy Count Evalan, who was the Chaotic Evil Lord and an assassin Avatar of Chaotic Evil, Blank Slate, but not before he killed Phobeus.

During this conflict, a vengeance filled Avatar Mage of Lawful Evil, killed the Viagra’s Allies, the Scout and Avatar of Lawful Neutral. This leaves all the scouts dead, only 3 Lords living, and 4 Avatars still drawing breath. However only one more Hex War player needs to fall before THE FINAL STAGE, DUST, Will Begin!!


Undead Minions



The Indomitables have learned:

  1. The teams can not have the same class in more than one stage. So for instance, since Chaotic Evil has had a Mage, Cleric, and Assassin, they know the Chaotic Evil ‘King’ can not be any of these classes.
  2. There is also a rumor that each group must field at least one female team member. If this is true, both Lawful Evil, Neutral, and Chaotic Evil should have a female still showing up.
  3. No one is sure about how someone will become King, but it is assumed they must eliminate each other and then the final winner will kill Oledan.
  4. Gambling on the games has reached new heights and fortunes are being won and lost with every move the teams make.


The Climax of the HEX WAR will begin February 15th!!!

So please consider being part of this games 20th Anniversary


war of w


2 Responses to “Hex War 2018 Summary”

    I know the truth and power of names as I began my personal campaign searching for my own true name. I don’t know why but I love to deign titles and epitaphs. I have many names for myself. I’m the lady of luck and survived an intended TPK. *shrugs* LOL the whole party survived although critically wounded.

  2. I’m in. Or. I mean .. I’m down.. on my partially downloaded but I am sure to be ready by then. Maybe. Hah who fucking cares I improvise and will always make it through by the deadline. Motherfucker, I’m totally like Gandalf. Hahaha

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