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WildernessPunk: A Spring Thing

You know what? I think it’s time I take a break and mix it up a little. My last four or five posts have been rather serious and… it’s Spring. Coinciding with this fresh get out of the house feeling I have, is my first solo camp of the year and a renewed decision to avoid banging my head up against the steel wall of what our current politics has become.

Sometimes you just need to shed yourself from all this damn humanity. Ergg, we’re all so narcissistic and self-important. Humans do this. Humans want that. Humans are entitled to… Sometimes I just want all the talking heads to shut up, but since they never will, I’ll just take myself to a place I can’t hear them. Here, by the edge of the Gila River, it’s just the murmuring current and the talking beaks.

Gila camp

Strange how moments alone, especially when off the grid, allow and perhaps force one to reflect. Spring is important to animals. As one, we emerge and renew our methods used for The Strive.

The Strive: Whether personal or natural, the search to find the techniques and methods which will allow us to complete our goals.

gila rapibs.jpg

Could focusing on what your Strive was through different stages of your life help you to look back and chart your growth or at least your adventure? What was your Strive last Spring, the Spring before that, and the proceeding one? Should someone have a Strive which progresses through the years or would this be little more than stagnation?

For the sake or creating an outline for reference, I’ll toss up my last three Spring Strives, which have occurred since WildernessPunk began.

  • Last Spring: I was evicted and had new goals only months after finally having a new foundation.
  • Two Springs ago: I was preparing to escape the clinging fingers of the mountain town I’d called home for so long.
  • Three Springs ago: Evil acts had cost me seeing my children, my job, my vehicle, my home, and started me on the WildernessPunk journey.

This spring well… I know I need to change, improve, and evolve, but no dread and doom looms over me. No fist of dismay, hovers through my waking thoughts remaining me of faults and malingering problems. Of course many still exist, but not the crippling kind which cause you to live within a rotting tent in the woods.

Gila North

In the end what motivates us more, having it all yanked away or enjoying the support of a stable environment? This is an interesting question. Let’s break down to possible pros of each situation.


Aids to accomplishment provided by a Fortified Environment


  • Utilities allow one to work during any hour of the day
  • Enough food and water provide the strength to work longer hours
  • Rooms designed for purpose and equipped with gear allow for a larger range of accomplishment
  • Less time is used for daily maintenance needs
  • Emotional support and pleasurable pursuits help recharge the soul


Aids to accomplishment provided by Challenging Environment


  • If isolated, less distractions could be present
  • Many luxuries which eat time such as televisions and the internet may not be present
  • Living closer to the edge can create a burning desire to improve one’s situation
  • One has more freedom to explore various paths
  • Exploring diverse paths is more likely to provide greater inspiration and sometimes opportunity


These are just a few ideas, but it really becomes a balance between equipment and inspiration because people can be inspired by different things. Many are those who can be inspired through the works of others. When this is the case, a stable environment allows for more information to be absorbed, but also you can only read one thing at a time and even at my worst, I’m never without a book.

gila paint.jpg

Still it can mostly come down to the person and like so many things is really a dual between law and chaos. What helps you succeed more, an organized house, complete with food, and temperature controlled, filled with all the supplies you need to get the job done? Or does the same four enclosed walls start to wear on you and leave you feeling uninspired as each day your experience drifts you further from any interaction with the True Environment?

For others, traveling, meeting new people, and seeing new beauty and places recharges the mind and leaves one eager to get started on the new adventure or project. Others find the time it takes to survive and travel through such areas a drain on their physical and mental resources and will get little done other than just making it through the day and then falling onto their cot exhausted.

gila Chair.jpg

Of course age and other factors affect such things. A retired man might very well get more done on his computer in a comfy chair, while a younger woman might try to stay within her apartment as little as possible.

So which are you, a more lawful based person who thrives when you’re in your comfort zone, or a chaotic person who likes to explore the new and the different?

Something to think about as you Strive to achieve the goals which stretch before you, for life is a short ride and we should all be sure we’re traveling along the right road.


Gila me.jpg


You can check out some of my fiction here, where Dak has to decide between is lover and his job, but will either choice be able to save them both?


gila tunnel

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