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Hecate Free of Ill

When the malign tries to wound us and we have suffered our Fill

It is time to remove ourselves from the Path of Ill

I insure I am not Found

For the villain knows not where I have gone to Ground


I can protect myself with relationships and Deeds

Each victory helps obtain my Needs


Like a Mason laying another Brick

Soon my wall grows Thick


For I endured Enough

The ill kept pushing and I got Rough


Dispel Evil like a Spell

For my life need not be tainted by any Hell


Instead I will embrace a new Glory

And continue to write my True Story


I follow my new Urge

As villainy I completely Purge

This is the new Beginning

When no one can stop me from Winning


Now I look back and see my path is Clear

And crack open a fresh Beer

Get your hands on some of my writing here

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