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Search Truth Quest is… Trapped In Time

Last November a few brave souls risked the cold and rolled dice with Covid to camp out for Thanksgiving. With a skeleton crew, some of the members of Search Truth Quest worked with out Phoenix Branch to begin our Search, in Quest form, for Chief Cochise’s grave which has been hidden in the Dragoon Mountain range for over a hundred years.

After filming a few things, making a foray into the mountains, interviewing new team members, and eating a lot of turkey, we were forced to return to our abnormal lives.



Five months later found most of the original Search Truth Quest team together and poised to return to the Cochise Stronghold… but then something worse happened someone’s normal life intruded.


So the obvious answer was to travel through to to a place where we could avoid any responsibly and go to a tavern without wearing a mask. But something went wrong instead of 6 months into the future we traveled 178 years into the future.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I can still find that Tavern.




Hit more Chaos in Video Form here


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