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Search Truth Quest and the Case of the Curious Crustacean

Six years ago The Daily Discord videos splintered off from just doing anything we thought might be funny and moved more toward a combination of investigating cryptides and locations rumored to be the home of supernatural occurrences. Of course little would be taken seriously. If we discovered anything real, we would have taken it seriously and would have happily shared this discovery with the world, but big surprise, we haven’t been the ones to prove the existence of the supernatural (So far). So here’s another huge surprise, we just did spoofs on all these supernatural and ghost hunting investigation shows.



This new team had a very serious name. Search Truth Quest. The following is a remastering of our first official Search Truth Quest video. Our primary reason for releasing it remained it had originally been broken into 6 episodes. Someone thought this would help our YouTube hits. Ha… nothing helps us with those. Also, the intro and some of the scenes were redundant, so if someone watched them in a row it would be annoying, and since we really don’t care about YouTube algorithms anymore, we just decided to cut out the fluff and put it out as one giant masterpiece.




Run over here to grab more of the funny.



Annnndddd if you can find it in your heart to support the little guys, please consider Subscribing and if you love freedom share a vid or two. We’re almost 10% of the way to being a real boy!




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