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The Sonoran Inspector General or Zano gets lost in the Desert… Again

When Zano tries to walk from Phoenix to Tucson in the middle of the Blazing Arizona Summer, the last thing he expected was for the heat to be the least of his Problems, cuz well, he has a lot of problems.


Zano out of his environment in the environment.

If only I had caught him sooner, but his spectral wife told me he had already left on his 100 mile mid-summer Arizona walkabout. We had to scramble to save him… or at least scramble after I have finished a few more beers. You have to drink a lot of ale before your head into a 115 degree desert. That’s just science.


The heroes return to the scene of the crime


But then things only got worse, because… we had to go back out there.


So many hats


Please take a few minutes to find out if these *cough* men have what it takes to head into the Sonoran Inspector General’s territory and make it back alive. Listen we might not have made it. My brother could totally be writing this, you know, like a eulogy.



Thanks for watching and supporting… whatever the hell this is.

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