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A World Without Police by Geo Maher

I did not know what I was really getting into when I grabbed A World Without Police by Geo Maher at a brick-and-mortar bookstore. I know this is a hard-core book, but we live in a world where one mistake could lead you into a dangerous situation. Do you call the police or have the police already done more harm than good in your life?

Genre:  Politics

Publisher: Verso

Released:  2021

Stars:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Personally, I have a wide arc of experience with police officers. I was threatened with being arrested and beat up in jail if I continued to book punk rock shows, but I was also in charge of running a 40-hour course designed to help officers understand people with mental illness and cognitive disabilities for over 10 years. You might think being exposed to the officers for twelve work weeks would help me relate to them, but instead, as I blended in, I learned more about an often-hidden culture which glorified violence.

Violence is one of the cornerstones Mahar calls the police out for using to control not only the poor and minorities, but anyone who speaks out against them. Maher discusses the origins of the police and the abuse they spread. This book is encyclopedic regarding how police have abused the system, a system which is already designed to be abusive. It also contains extensive footnotes, a biography, and a glossary.

There is too much to cover here, but here is a quick example of the facts this book contains. Police commit more rapes each year than non-police are incarcerated for. In 2014 the police seized more personal property than the loses of all reported burglars combined.

If you want to tackle this one, beware you might have some of your assumptions questioned. For what it sets out to do this book is well documented and top shelf. No flaws, although a few times the author loses some of his analytical approach in favor of personal assessment. I learned a great deal from this book and feel I can move forward with more educated approach to this modern goal of police abolition.

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