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The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament by Joshua Bowen

The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament by Joshua Bowen is an extensive review of the first half of the Old Testament. I first learned of this publication when Bowen was interviewed by atheist YouTuber Shannon Q. The interview impressed me and since I have been debating theists lately, I went ahead and ordered myself one.

Genre:  Atheist/Theology


Publisher: Digital Hummanurabi Press


Released:  2021


Stars:  4.5 Stars


Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths


Bowen has created a textbook geared for the atheist to dive into biblical debates with knowledge regarding some of the more illogical and fictitious parts of the Old Testament outlined and ready for them to use. Bowen reviews both the history and archeology of the Levant and Babylonia. He also tackles the question of which authors wrote the Torah, correctly dates the book of Daniel, and explains why several prophecies, such as the destruction of Tyre, have been proven false. Then Bowen ends with a biblical discussion on how both Jews and Christians endorse slavery through their holy books.

This book is extensive, useful, and intense, but be prepared; it is a textbook. Bowen focuses on subjects which would be most likely to be argued by apologists and where their assumptions are more vulnerable. Reading it gave me a few college flash backs because it is so packed with well researched, and often, complex information.

Bowen takes on a momentous task here and collects a huge amount of data spread over multiple disciplines and books and gathered them all in one place. This could be a barrier for some readers who should be ready to dig in deep if they wish to read this. This might not be for beginners, yet I also do not see how any theist could read through this textbook and retain their religion, but this is just my opinion.

This book helps disprove the legitimacy of the Old Testament. It could be useful for talking family members and friends away from the myths they follow by illustrating how these old stories are just fables collected by dozens of authors over hundreds of years. Whether you want to sharpen your ability to debate with theists, your critical thinking, or use it as a tool to help others overcome their outdated belief systems, this book could be a very valuable tool.

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