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Canyon Calls by Michael Just

Canyon Calls by Michael Just is a fiction anthology which focuses on events occurring in and on the edge of the Grand Canyon. This smaller than average sized book contains nine stories and I enjoyed them all. There were not any real stickers here and the author kept up a steady level of quality throughout this anthology. I bought this book from him at a book festival in Flagstaff over ten years ago and it is even signed. I know I waited a long time, but I seriously have a lot of books. Still, it feels good to knock out some of these older ones which have been sitting around for a while.

Genre:  Fiction

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Released:  2009

Stars:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Some people might not know the Grand Canyon is the most dangerous national Park in the Untied States. More instances of death and injuries requiring first aid are reported in the Grand Canyon than any other park in this country. So, it makes sense to explore the dangers, both human and natural, one might face in the region which is often juxtaposed to the impressive beauty over-present in the canyon.

I enjoyed The Bridge quite a lot. In this story a man rescues a woman from Asia who was drowning in the Colorado. He needs to get her up to the rim for her own safety, but she is acting odd, angry, and does not speak English.

The Cache is a story where a guide finds himself involved with a man with anti-social personality disorder. I like the beginnings of this one, but the end gets a little convenient.

The Gender Gap proves the author’s versatility for it is a more comic tale of two lovers each working on a different side of the canyon who must decide if they are going ‘All In’ with their relationship or going to call it quits.

The book is a little light on pages, and I was able to guess the ‘plot twist’ a couple of times, but overall, this book was an enjoyable and fast read. This book would be perfect to read on a trip to, or hike into, the Grand Canyon. This would also transfer to any other camping or exploring experience. A good one to pick up before your next extended foray into the wilds for sure.

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