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Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers by Cathy Turney

I knew a gal who found a great book to help her get to a new level on Twitter. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers by Cathy Turney must not have been it. I had a bad gut reaction to this book, but bought it anyway, I will try not to do that again.

Genre:  Social Media

Publisher: Real Estate Success Press

Released:  2018

Stars:  1 Star

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Where to start.

Length: Barely over 80 pages and this includes blank pages, half filled pages in the middle of chapters, huge font, and useless pictures.

Editing: I have seen typos

 like this has in novels, but I have never seen corrections to mistakes left on a page. How lazy does someone have to be to not take the time to fix the corrections they already made? Or better yet, how little do they care about you, the reader, to not do so?

Content: This is really basic stuff gone through here. I guess it would have helped me for about a month in 2009.

Warning: Do not make my mistake. If you have so much as your profile picture up on Twitter, you are pretty much past what this book has to offer.

Bonus Annoyance:  Twitter is a free service but one of the first things the author suggests is we sign up for these programs which cost money, which leads me to believe she has not figured much out about Twitter at all and just solves her ignorance by throwing money at the problem. It must be nice to sell real Estate in San Fran….. rrrr. I have never said this before but… Okay Boomer.

Yeah, this has been my meanest review in probably five years because this book is a money trap. Buy it for your grandmother if she wants to join Twitter, but only if she is older than 80. I hope Bookman’s will buy this one.

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2 Responses to “Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers by Cathy Turney”

  1. I believe in honest reviews and I’m glad you were very transparent about this book. I’ve read several books so far by major authors this past year that was terrible. I left 1-star reviews on Goodreads. I couldn’t bring myself to lie.

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