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Cyberfunk edited by Milton J. Davis

The Cyberpunk anthology Cyberfunk which was edited by Milton J. Davis was recommended to me by one of my friends living in Boston. Cyberfunk is an anthology which explores the paths Cyberpunk heroes and villains can take with an Afrocentric flavor. Nineteen Black Speculative Fiction authors came together under Milton’s guidance and produced the entertaining and interesting takes on the not too distant future.

Genre:  Cyberpunk

Publisher: MV Media

Released:  2021

Stars:  4.5 Star

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Jarla Tangh had the shortest but perhaps the most introspective and emotional tale which focused on Mufai and his interaction with an AI as they try to help feed the future’s poor.

I liked Playing the Odds by the book’s editor Milton J. Davis quite a bit. I certainly do not hold it against him that he tossed one of his own stories in here, because it gives the reader a wild ride. I wonder if this story gave him the idea for the whole anthology in the first place.

In his story a high-tech battle cyborg finds out he is now owned by a new company, and they consider him more product than man. He is forced to battle through several attempts to capture or kill him. He quickly finds he needs to help of a female tech runner, but even with her assistance he might have a hard time going up against a mega-corp.

Another memorable tale is The Walker’s Alchemist by T.C. Morgan. In this story an alchemist who was just murdered is quite surprised to find himself awake and alive, but there is a catch. He is not in his body, or even a he. Instead, he discovers he is in the body of a wife and mother. His consciousness was accidentally put into this body by her husband. Still the baby is hungry and must be fed. Yet how can he continue with such a mismatched life?

I have read a few cyberpunk anthologies over the years, and I think this might be the best one. I read most of it in the car while waiting for my kids at school and the pages breezed by and a few times I had to hurry to the gate because I just wanted to read two more pages. Not much mud to fling at this one. If you enjoy cyberpunk adventures and dig science fiction short stories, this one should be a ‘must grab’ for your bookshelves.


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