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Red Pill Blue Pill by David Neiwert

Are you looking for a scary non-fiction book? Red Pill Blue Pill by David Neiwert might be scarier than half of the horror novels I have read over the last decade. This book dives into the origin of Conspiracy Theories, why they are a bigger problem currently than ever before, and perhaps how we can combat this growing cancer within our society.

Genre:  Politics

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Released:  2020

Stars:  5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Neiwart blames the increase of Conspiracy Theories on the internet, particularly Google and YouTube. Where once an individual with bizarre and illogical beliefs might be inclined to keep them quiet out of a fear they stood alone, with the internet one can quickly find thousands who either share their view or remain gullible enough to believe the imagined fantasies they are told.

These conspiracy theorists feel bolstered by this online support and try to replicate it within the real world. Over time, this finds the individual ostracized from his family, friends, and coworkers. Often unemployment and divorce follow. Their only option is to embrace the theories with more vigor because it is the only support group they have remaining.

Soon there arises a competition to have the most outlandish stories. They wish to stand out. This however often causes aggression from within the internet group. Theorists argue over small things which neither can prove since they do not exist. The group splits and then struggles to gain more followers over YouTube and Google spirals more people to these conspiracy sites. In extreme cases it leads people to mass killing such as the hotel shooter in Los Vegas who fired AR15 rounds into a country music festival.

As I said, this is a terrifying book. The author also reviews how to try to help a conspiracy theorist, for in a sense, they have joined a cult. Also, there is little harder for a person to do than admit they were wrong and completely wasting their time and money on a fool’s journey. For this latter fact alone, people will resist all attempts to force them to admit what a huge mistake they have been making. You see this with people leaving religion and quitting drug dependance as well.

This book is well researched, has a huge bibliography, and footnotes. I have a hard time seeing how this book could have been improved, but again, it is not for the timid. I do not overly care for things like trigger warnings but prepare yourself for a hard ride through what we are facing as a country with this one.



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