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Triumph of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie

Triumph of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie is the last book in The Wizard King Trilogy. I read the first two books of this series last summer. The first was on my big vacation and since I was getting married, I saved the last one for our first Honeymoon. I can not say this was the best choice. Although it is a good book reading about my favorite character dying on the morning after my marriage, while me new wife showered, was a bit of a wet blanket. I know it is not all about me, but sometimes I feel life is too short to read stories where the A list characters die off leaving you following the B and C list around out of obligation.

Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher: Dark Horse

Released:  2021

Stars:  3 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

There are two big threads in fantasy and most other types of literature. I guess you could call them the High and the Low, which is what most people use when discussing fantasy. Low fantasy is where the characters trek for weeks through the dangerous forest and hide from the raiders in the mud. High fantasy is the epic battles which rage across the planet where Gods help the wizard fight the ancient dragon. I would say this book is High Fantasy on magic steroids.

The majority of this third book is the Gods planning to fight the Lich, turned god, which the heroes of the first two novels, who were mostly just killed off, failed to stop. So yes, this is post 30th level major High Fantasy epic action going on here. Think Greek myths if Odysseus and Achilles had just died. I believe there is a place for godly battles and since it is not the norm, this novel is certainly original. Unfortunately for me, this is not my big thing. I love epic, the world could be destroyed action, but I am also into the sleeping in dirt side of the fence.

It might have been my fault for taking six months off, but I had trouble remembering which God was who in the giant pantheon which prepared for the upcoming battle. Seemed strange to bring up this final ultimate battle with half remembered Gods right before the series was over. Certain artefacts and new Gods were thrown in as though we were supposed to know what they were. A little old wizard named Exposition would have helped, I think, but then who would they even be talking too with the only remaining characters huddling in ruins. Instead, another character dies in a silly useless way.

This is a great novel and goes for something different but part of me can not help but wonder if the high character body count in things like Game of Thrones has current authors feeling the more characters they kill off, the better the book will be. Ask AMC how well the rating of this season’s Walking Dead are doing with them only having two characters left.

This being said, High fantasy is harder to write than low. Everyone loved the first Matrix, but when they needed to challenge Neo later, fans became critical. Sometimes I think the Gods are too far removed from the characters and I enjoy the Greek Myth style of meddling and this novel certainly embraces some God level dangers. I guess I just enjoy Gods being the backup cast for mortals not the other way around.

In is interesting to see how a modern author take a stab at an old school Dungeons and Dragons type of world. If you love high fantasy this is a great series for you to dive into, just do not get too involved with the main characters for they do not go the distance.

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