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The Troop by Nick Cutter

A few days before Halloween I realized I was not reading a horror book and I felt this was quite remiss. I looked through my unreads and discovered I had a hidden horror book left. I thought The Troop was a science fiction soldier type of thing and just between us there are two huge groups of still unread books claiming shelf space in my library and those are science fiction and anthologies. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this book, and I began it just in time to feel a bit spooky as Halloween drew near. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m finishing it past Thanksgiving, but I’m usually reading three books as once, so chill.

Genre:  Horror   

Publisher: Gallery Books

Released:  2014

Stars:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

The book has a small cast. Tim, the scout master, five teenage scouts, and patient zero. The latter’s arrival on the small offshore island quickly turns a weekend campout into a confused terror driven nightmare. Patient zero is starving. At first this seems normal, but soon it takes on horrific proportions where the man cannot eat enough and begins to consume parts of the sofa and anything else he can find. While trying to help him, Tim is infected, and things go downhill quickly.

With the aid of a scout, he discovers the, now dead, patient zero is infested with worms which make tape worms seem cuddly. It becomes apparent anyone infected with these worms does not have long to live and we begin to learn these boys have problems of their own which are brought to the surface when they are forced to survive on the lonely island without adult assistance. When they discover the military is quarantining the island, they must battle the elements, the infection, and each other.

This book is honestly scary with a strong dose of the gross out factor. The infected live long enough to realize their slow decent to doom. The characters are well developed, and the tension builds as you wonder if they have any chance to escape. There are also cut aways to trials and interviews regarding the people who allowed the worms to escape and let the children suffer alone.

If you like horror novels there are not many negatives here. The author used an omniscient writing style instead of the more common POV styles. This took a little time to get used to, because, frankly, I have not seen it used in the last five hundred books I have read. For this novel it worked and is not a minus.

I would recommend any lover of horror grab this one at once. Might make a good X-mess present to yourself to help you keep Halloween in your heart while you head into the Happy-Happy Joy-joy holidays.

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