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Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez

Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez may currently hold the honor(?) of being the book I have neglected to review for the longest period of time. I gave him a great review for his novel Gil’s All Fright Diner about thirteen years ago, for a web site which died about thirteen years ago, and he sent this book to be reviewed for that defunct site about twelve years ago. Yeah, I am a little late. But in the effort to continue to read the books sent to me to review for multiple long dead sites (They were not my sites, to be clear) I am finally getting around to this wonderful book written in 2008.

Genre:  Fantasy/Comedy  

Publisher: Tor

Released:  2008

Stars:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

Too Many Curses is a fantasy comedy with focuses on, Nessy, the only non-cursed creature living in the arch mage Margal’s haunted castle, which is full of mighty magics. She is an adorable kobold who keeps the mage’s treasures, cursed prisoners, and passageways in a tidy order. However, when Margal is accidentally killed, she must set her chores aside to save the cursed creatures who have become her friends.

A witch comes to call and usually this involves the murder of all the castles inhabitants. Nessy must quickly work on a scheme to convince the witch Margal still lives with the help of such creatures as a Scottish knight who was turned into a bat, an intangible poet, a mage who is just eyes and mouth in a jar, and many other oddities.

Too Many Curses

Messy is very lovable. The author does a great job describing her lawful tendencies and how hard it is for her to overcome them. Anyone who runs lawful characters in games would get something out of this presentation. This book is funny and inventive. There is action here and there throughout, but mostly delves into how this team with more weaknesses than strengths can deal with the monsters who start to get loose and a witch who cannot be killed. It is fun ramp and I wished I had known what it was like because I would have read it to my children.

Unless you do not enjoy cute comedy fantasy novels, I would not see much to poke at here. There might have been a few odd and unanswered threads at the end I might like to see wrapped up, but that is about it.

A wonderful and fun novel for me to read over the holidays. Maybe I should order another of his books and read it to my boys. Great work again and Happy New Year.

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