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Servant Mage by Kate Elliott

Servant Mage by Kate Elliott is a fantasy novel set in a world where most mages are kept as weakened servants. Instead of tossing fire balls, Fellian is using sparks to light lamps, but only after she is cleaning the outhouses in the tavern where she is a victim of indentured servitude. This all changes when she is requited by the rebels who seek to reinvent the old monarchy and wish to restore the mages’ true abilities.

Genre:  Fantasy 

Publisher: Tordot.com

Released:  2022

Stars:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

She quickly begins an adventure with older and more experienced mages. Yet Fellian is far from star struck and has her own agenda. Where others might have been swept up the exploration of their magical potential, Fellian is more concerned about helping what might be left of her family. She is adversarial with these would be heroes. They seem kinder than those who kidnapped and enslaved her, but she is not going to throw in her lot with people who might only be better by a few degrees.

The book flowed well, and I read this one faster than any book I have had in the last year. Although the theme of the young apprenticing wizard has been overused over the past several decades, the author spins a unique feel to the subject and reinvents it leaving the reader flipping pages to see how things will play out for Fellian.

This is an exciting and well written novel with amazing characters, and it is hard to find many flaws here. One could be its length. At 164 pages, I feel like I have been teased a bit and have barely half explored Fellian and her quest. The only other thing which was less than inspired was the mages embracing one of the four elements. This is a bit of a tired troupe for a guy like me who has been reading fantasy novels for fifty years.

These small faults aside, I found this novel an entertaining, inspiring, and enjoyable read. I have never read Kate Elliot before and the first thought I had when I was finished was, “I need to grab some more of her books.”

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