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Old, Smart, and Full of Fart, The Daily Discord asks Alex Bone Four Questions

October 14, 2017

Four Questions   I heard you got divorced, how is that going?   So, yeah, I’m divorced. But here’s the thing, I went ahead and figured I should stay single for a while, because no woman wants to be the bounce back gal. So, I keep telling them, “No baby, you’re not the bounce back […]

Top Seven Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse is better than the Trump Presidency

September 10, 2017

Most people have dreaded and feared the outbreak of a Zombie Apocalypse, but now, under the Trump Presidency, many people are looking forward to and in some cases actively trying to bring it about. Dr. William Lynn is quoted saying. “We’re pulling out all the stops trying to create a Patient Zero, which will get […]

WildernessPunk Extravagance

July 30, 2017

So I moved from a cool mountain paradise with no humidity and mosquitos down to a steaming desert to be blasted by the heat in the middle of the summer. One could say my choice has questionable merit and might have been unwise. Butttttt, hear me out. I have also moved from the most expensive […]

Heimlich in Action or Look, I’m Just Trying to Keep You Safe

October 26, 2016

Collapsing Hotel Flagstaff Arizona: So, either I care about your health and safety, dear reader, or I hope this will get someone to hire me for my ability to teach you CPR before I get thrown out of the decency-impaired hotel I’m staying in. I’ve been teaching people CPR all over this beautiful state for […]

Okay,One More… WildernessPunk

October 24, 2016

Alright, so I said the last post might be the final WildernessPunk post, at least for a while. On a side note, it has been odd not writing them. However, as plans go I think I won’t be accumulating any bad karma or letting down my integrity by completing a few aspects of the WildernessPunk […]

Book Review of Super Extra Grande by Yoss

September 28, 2016

Published by in 2015 Genre: Science Fiction Stars: 2.5   Extra Super Grande, by Yoss is a comic science fiction tale. Not the longest book around, it just topped 150 pages and focused on the adventures of a planet jumping veterinarian who focused his attentions on working with the biggest creatures in the universe. . […]

Self-Censor of my WildernessPunk

September 26, 2016

I head out for my first official Fall camp. And yeah, it’s good ol’ Camp 1. Can’t knock it other than Lucy eating a few holes in one of my shirts. Bad, bad, camp rat. Kurt told me to kill you, but instead you get tortillas and still no gratitude. Windy with an edge of […]

Book Review of Ralph, by Christopher Steinsvold

September 20, 2016

Published by Medallion in 2016 Genre: Science Fiction Reviewed by Michael D. Griffiths Stars: 4   Ralph, by Christopher Steinsvold is an Alien invasion science fiction novel with a very strong dose of comedy thrown in. Besides the comic aspect, due to the author having a PHD in Philosophy, there is also a good deal […]

Cultist Leader Wivalynn Prepares to Claim the next Presidency

September 7, 2016

Old torn tent in an undisclosed forest: I recently attended a meeting of what can only be considered evil cultists bent on obtaining world domination and free Wifi. Normally I steer clear of such events, unless they are giving away free beer, but I had met a young woman named Bambi and it just seemed […]

Book Review of You Are a Vampire, That Sucks, by Domenick Dicce

July 12, 2016

You’re a Vampire, That Sucks, by Domenick Dicce is a book along the lines of Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide. But where Brooks was trying to help his readers survive a zombie attack, Dicce is hoping to assist a reader who has recently become undead. Dicce is very organized and covers every topic a vampire would […]