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The Plague by Albert Camus

November 29, 2021

The Plague was written by the introspective Algerian author, Albert Camus. Camus is a well-respected author from the first half of the 20th century. I had never read anything by him, and since we are still living through a pandemic, I figured why not read his classic work, The Plague. Genre:  Literary Fiction Publisher: The […]

OCD, Reading, and Me

June 18, 2021

Hello, to anyone stopping to read this within the churning glut of over-information we call the internet. Some of you may know I’ve been a quasi-professional book reviewer for over a decade. No big deal, but I was paid in free books and received a small monthly salary, so it was real enough. . . […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story

June 24, 2018

Genre:  Science Fiction Movie Produced By: Disney Released: 2018 Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths . .   I managed to get to my first summer blockbuster. I parked my car in a scrap of shade and rushed through the growing desert heat into the air conditioning. I got into the theater first […]

Destiny by William Emmett

August 14, 2017

Destiny by William Emmett, came out in 2017 and it was nice to read a recently released novel. In this science fiction tale, super high tech meets a totalitarian medieval state along with various other cultures, which exist on this far-off world our hero finds himself stranded on. Genre: Science Fiction Publisher:  Xlibris Published: 2017 […]

August’s End

September 4, 2016

Down days are sometimes as good as the adventures. Relaxing. Soaking it in. Pool and Jacuzzi. Seeing a movie in a place that serves up giant mugs of nut brown ale and lets you take it into the theater. Now that’s living.   The rest of the Griffiths clan shows up, except my children. Seeing […]

Book Review of The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

July 17, 2016

Published by, Titan Books  in 2015 Stars: 4.5 Looks like my streak of reviewing the best books ever in one year is continuing. I loved The Death House even if it is a Young Adult book. I will also throw this out there. I think it is the best young adult book I have ever […]

An Author Interview with Amy Romine

July 13, 2016

Here is the Interview. I’ll let Amy introduce herself, she does a fine job. Mike: Hello Amy and a good day to you. Let’s get the easy action out of the way first. Could you tell us what type of genres you like to focus on with your writing and what published works you have […]

Book Review of The Eighth Succession, by Don Sakers

July 3, 2016

Published by Speed of C Productions in 2013 Stars: 2 I am a writer or a sort myself, so I know how hard getting a book into print can be and I really hate to be mean to anyone’s baby, but sometimes I still get a little put out when I am forced to read […]

Vampire, Book Review of, Book of the Month Club, by Rusty Fischer

June 23, 2016

Vampire, Book of the Month Club, is the second novel I have read written by Rusty Fischer. His novel Zombies Don’t Cry is also reviewed by me on SFReader. (See it here). Fischer hits a young adult audience with new themes and original ways of looking at older genres, which in his case appear to […]

Book Review of The Lazarus Gate, by Mark A. Latham

June 21, 2016

The Lazarus Gate, by Mark A. Latham is a beautiful thing to be holding in your greedy reader’s hands. Although the genre’s a little hard to pin down on this one. I went ahead with Science Fiction, but Steampunk would work. You could almost call it horror and its certainly a mystery. Still, one thing […]