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The Real World? Wilderness Punk vs Tarmac

August 12, 2016

I go from getting up in the woods and riding through five miles of forest, to having my Avatars powering through the web to support some of my Sharestorm people. But free food and Dr. Ps at AK Café makes it all so easy. One of my fav places to Jack-in for sure. After hitting […]

Wilderness Punk: Back to Camp I and some Fun

August 10, 2016

I found myself out of the cyber loop for a while out there in the Lilly Ponds. Friday night I spend alone. I wrote, hiked, looked at frogs, you know, the normal things. I did take a long mountain ride down the Sycamore trail. First time for that one and in the drizzling rain, it […]

Wilderness Punk, Setbacks

August 3, 2016

Waking up with the sun, I listen to the birds and hope they help drone out the plane passing overhead. I know I need to reach further into the wilds, but with just a bike for transportation, I’d leave the Punk/Cyber out of my Wilderness equation.   Since yesterday I expounded on my resources, I […]

Wilderness Punk, Camp 1, Day 2

August 3, 2016

Out in the forests ten miles east of Flagstaff, a place where pine and oak have juniper for a neighbor. Ravens and hawks battle the still air to fly over the hills and washes cutting through the green. I sit alone in the camping chair I found discarded—just today. I’ve repaired it to a relative […]

Wilderness Punk, Day 1

August 1, 2016

8/1/16   After three full days of packing, moving, cleaning, and a few spikes of harsh doses of unneeded drama, I and my two compadres have escaped from the Canyon Apartments, with our property and lives. Some of my dignity may have remained behind, along with my modern standard of living. . How will I […]

From Crappiness to Happiness in Three Easy Steps

April 1, 2016

Collapsing Shack Arizona: Most of us have our mental health ups and downs or as I prefer to call them, while I’m drinking or when I’m at work. However, I have noticed over the years that some people seem to have a leg up on the happiness scale. What advantages do they have that I […]


January 13, 2016

I went ahead and created a new word. Clutterfuk might not be applicable to all cultures and throughout different generations of humanity, but is certainly has its place in the contemporary United States. You could use the word for multiple situations, such as any that could be used for the more common term clusterfuk. Clutterfuk […]

Seven Things I Have Learned From Playing Poker

December 9, 2015

Some people have a knack for poker and others need to improve their skills through hard work. There are aggressive players while others stay more conservative. However this article is not reviewing how to play poker or improve one’s abilities. My purpose here is to outline things I have learned about myself and human nature […]

Seven Ways to Save Money

November 4, 2015

I am sure many of you have real jobs and are not as broke as me, but whether you are doing well, great, or poorly, all of us can use a few extra bucks. This short article focuses more on how to get things free so we are not required to use our money. Every […]

7 Things I Have Learned From Camping

September 16, 2015

I know some folks camp more and perhaps better than me. Many millions of people have homes that mirror what I would call camping throughout their entire lives. However, we all work with the lives we are given and no matter who you are, we all hope to learn and improve ourselves through our experiences. […]