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Dead Pool 2

July 11, 2018

Genre:  Super Hero Produced by:  Disney Released: 2018 Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths       Deadpool, is the name of the movie, the name of the main character, and both are damn funny. Without a doubt this is not only the funniest action movie of any genre I have seen in […]

Top Ten Reasons God Loves Trump

July 6, 2018

. He had sex with a prostitute right after his wife gave birth. . . He loves to scare and torture children. Never goes to church. Cares about money more than anything else. Grabs them by the pussy. Hates thy neighbor. Lies and cheats whenever possible. Wants to destroy the earth for profit. Wants to […]

Oars of Olympus by Christopher Mac Lairn

June 28, 2018

Genre:  Fantasy Publisher:  Xlibris Published: 2016 Reviewer Rating:  3 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths . . Oars of Olympus by Christopher Mac Lairn is a fantasy novel set in mythological Greece. The author mixes in history and facts, but this is more like Clash of the Titans than 300, which in case you were wondering, […]

Avengers: Infinity Wars

June 26, 2018

Genre:  Superhero Producer:  Disney Released: 2018 Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths . . What can I say, I had to see this one. The Avengers was my favorite comic as a child. I really enjoyed what the team could pull off over the years. I love existence ending conflicts, so this was a […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story

June 24, 2018

Genre:  Science Fiction Movie Produced By: Disney Released: 2018 Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths . .   I managed to get to my first summer blockbuster. I parked my car in a scrap of shade and rushed through the growing desert heat into the air conditioning. I got into the theater first […]

Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box

June 22, 2018

Gathering the Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box was a long a difficult process, but when the pale faced employees couldn’t figure out how to light their firewall, because they’d never gone camping, and kept trying to get the matches to work by clicking on them, we were able to sneak around them by surrounding […]

7 Things I Learned from the Desert

June 21, 2018

The first thought going through your mind could be, why desert and are there going to be more 7 Things I Learned about forests, lakes, grasslands, the winter wastes…  These others could come up, but there’s something special about the desert for me.  When younger, I had a choice, or at least a chance, to […]

Clade, by James Bradley

May 25, 2018

  Genre:  Science Fiction Publisher:  Titan Publishing Published: 2018 Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths       Clade, by James Bradley is a Science Fiction novel which might turn out to be a literary novel when his very accurate predictions most likely come true. The novel is person focused and follows an extended […]

7 Things I Learned by Being an Atheist

May 17, 2018

Hello ally and enemy. Welcome to the 7 Things I learned by being an Atheist. Just a quick background to explain certain attitudes or bias I could possess, for those who might care. I’m a second-generation atheist. Unlike most of my friends, I didn’t start my younger years by going to church and then put […]

Goals, WildernessPunk

May 4, 2018

Prelude: I sit at the eastern edge of the Cochise Stronghold. I’ve camped in the Stronghold many times, but this is the first time I’ve camped on the east side of the massive sky island. It’s also my first solo trip. Blue birds of happiness steal my food, I’m hoping they trade some of their […]