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Genre:  Horror

Publisher:  Samhain

Published: 2011

Reviewer Rating:  5 Stars

Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths


The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz

The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz became an unexpected treat and really hit home for me because, as I read the book, my life went through many parallels with the main character, Ben, which can be a bit disturbing when reading a horror novel. That’s more than fine though, I like to be set on edge and this book does a fine job of making it happen.

Like most good horror novels, Janz sets up a good number of characters for us to like or hate. Hate might win out with most of them. There are several side plots and threads, but the primary focus is on the four people, two men and two women, who get dropped off at the Blackwood Castle located on a lonely island off the coast of California.

The goal changes from trying to compose music for a new horror movie, to keeping their sanity, and then before long, it is just to stay alive. All manner of spooks come to haunt them and as the danger slowly builds, so does the realization those with a checked past are having worse visions. It is though the island can manifest the evil one has committed into real forms. The worse your past, the more trouble you could be in.

Glow eyes


But through all of this, we also slowly learn some of the history of the real horror of the island itself and there is a true monster there worse than any of the horrors their past can inflict on them. A very real and brutal danger. It is a unique monster I don’t think I have ever seen used in a novel and you will not get any spoilers from me in regards to the monster Ben has to confront if he will get himself and the people he loves free of the cursed island.

Ben is a great character, but may be about to lose his three-year-old boy. These people have almost everything stacked against them on the island, evil visions, a very real creature of terror, and even friends as well as enemies betraying them and trying to hunt them down. Ben and his son have a small advantage, however. Almost similar to Danny in The Shining, Ben and his son can see what is happening to each other through their dreams. Ben learns of his son’s dangerous situation, but his son has been going out of his mind in fear for his father. Just when things are going from bad to horrible, most of the other characters in the novel show up on the island, including his son. Ben must somehow find a way to keep his son and Claire safe as chaos and evil erupt around them.

Creepy Hallway

Not much to say in regards to problems here. Best horror I have read in a while. Very original. Might have even jerked a few tears out of me. I believe this is the first 5 star review I have written in 2017 and this novel deserves it. With all the books I have waiting to be read, I almost never do this, but I might order Janz next book from Amazon.




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Lovecraft face


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Most people have dreaded and feared the outbreak of a Zombie Apocalypse, but now, under the Trump Presidency, many people are looking forward to and in some cases actively trying to bring it about. Dr. William Lynn is quoted saying. “We’re pulling out all the stops trying to create a Patient Zero, which will get this thing going. Screw it, can’t make things worse.” Some scientists are calling it the Z-Nation upgrade.


Gloom Hat


After discussing the matter with America’s leading experts, the drunkards on the Motherroad porch, and re-watching the first seven seasons of The Walking Dead, we have compiled this list of the seven top reasons the Zombie Apocalypse would improve America and be better than the correct presidency.


  1. People of opposing viewpoints and ideologies are encouraged to come together in order to survive.


Yeah, outside of an Apocalypse, I’m not seeing this about to happen any time soon. I wish it could, but then again, I’m some guy hoping for the dead to start walking, which is probably more likely right now.





  1. I’ll feel a lot safer


With Trump poking at madmen with nukes, working up the Nazis, and pardoning criminal cops, I think I’ll take my chances with the zombies. At least when they gang up on you they behave logically and no one says there’s good people on both sides.


Zombie street III


  1. Role reversal


The rich might start out ahead in the Aftermath. They’ll have a nice ride, more gear, but one road block and they are on foot, like say I am now. Then it flips, the hard working in shape, soon to be deported, man becomes the fit, I can run a few miles and fight for five minutes guy. Trump’s elite will be begging for help, but all their cash will just be second rate toilet paper, if we still had toilets.


Phillip Bad ass


  1. The cringe worthy avalanche of OCD rules and laws would cease.


This is one where the libbies share just as much blame as the wanna be fascists of the right. Liberals make hundreds of new rules, expectations, and laws, (God is dead, let a utopian plethora of laws replace him) then the right comes in and ruins your life if you can’t do the bingo-twister dance through their imaginary lawful bullshit.

So yeah, bye bye, you go to jail for things like raising your voice in your own home. Bye mandatory sentences required on someone’s head, for things the judge, his kids, and 85% of the senate has done.


  1. We’d only build walls to keep out the Undead


No more pork barreling, in this new world. Silly ideas and non-sense are about as useful as the clothes zombies have stunk up for a year. Idiots and lairs are not rewarded by anything other than being eaten a bite at a time. Common sense and hard work will be more valuable than streams of useless words and promises.


Zombie gunfight


Our crisis will be clear and we will want to work together to solve problems, not divide survivors. We have many crises which are clear now, but instead of focusing on them, our attentions are directed toward division and hating people ‘over there.’ I wonder what crisis it will take for humans to really join together. With people like Trump in power, it might not be far off.


  1. Instead of fat, out of shape, men appealing to the working class, they’ll be sacrificing themselves for the working class.


Much like how many of us learned, in the movie Zombieland, cardo is the way to go. We won’t have to worry about a bunch of suits trying to brainwash the masses, because the masses of zombies will have already eaten their ass, while the working-class folks ran away. Thanks guys 😊





  1. Since everyone will be a gun nut, there’ll be one less thing to divide us.


Also along those lines, abortion clinics will be nonfunctional, there’s another current division among Americans…gone. Contraceptives also very soon gone. Porn, soon a thing of the past. But bad news right wing. Due to a lack of upper body strength, which is what you need when attacked by a zombie, women will tend to die off more easily than men. So fellas, if you don’t want to be abstinent for the rest of your life, you might have to consider joining the rainbow coalition. Don’t worry I’m sure some nice men will teach you how to wax your chest.





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Bone Desert



Genre:  Science Fiction

Publisher:  Double Dragon Publishing

Published: 2017

Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Stars

Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths



This is the third and final book in Brian Burt’s Aquarius Rising series. I read the first two, which I enjoyed quite a lot, but I would have to say the climax of the trilogy is the best of the three. This is a hard book to classify, because it is so inventive, one is tempted to call it fantasy, but since many of the deadly issues that befall the heroes are both caused and cured by technology, I will have to stick with the Science Fiction tag.

Price of Eden by Brain Burt

In the future, most of the lands of the Earth have been scorched and humanity has branched off into several sub-species including the Aquarians an aquatic race and Talpidians who are a race of subterranean mole people.

Ocypode, the sea witch, Sapiens, and the other underwater dwellers are part of a group labeled The Heretics. All they wish is to keep their races alive and pursue peace, but with almost every side and every race fighting and killing each other, this could prove to be a difficult if not impossible task.


Ocypode, the one hailed as storm slayer, must use his cunning and courage to pull out every trick and use any angle and resource he can think of if they are going to have any chance of saving not only his race, but others as well.

I like how the heroes tended to solve problems more often with brain than brawn. Even when fighting was required, their only chance of success was to convince the various groups to join the cause, so even then, it came down to a delicate dance of well thought out words and actions. I also like how everything was tied into the climax. All former characters appeared and played important roles in this end game.

I think Burt has a well plotted out and imaginative world and there is little to throw sticks at here. If I had to find fault, it might be that a few times the heroes solved issues with technics not discussed beforehand. Sort of along the lines of, “We can stop this from happening with our blah gismo.”

Overall this is an inventive novel, which has little in common with others in its genre. I recommend this book to all lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy for that matter. Ocypode and his allies are very likable. You suffer with them while hoping they will make the impossible happen and survive. I will be very interested in seeing what Burt might take on next.




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What is the scariest thing you can imagine? Sure, we all get nightmares of monsters and things which don’t happen to people, unless you read my novels, but what about more reality based occurrences? What has happened to you, which you just flipping hated?

For me, it’s moving. Okay, maybe I’m a freak, but I’m sure many are similar to me, but since I started college, oh so many years ago, I’ve moved seventeen times. I have nightmares about being homeless. Even at my last place where I lived over twelve years, I still had homelessness dreams. Some people dream about being naked in school and not knowing where your classroom is taking the big exam you haven’t studied for, I have nightmares where my housing is yanked.

Yeah, give me a nightmare where I can punch some monster in the throat any time.

There is a point to my graphic musing. I sit here tonight at the edge of a fold out sleeper sofa and try to digest what is about to happen. Me, so recently of Flagstaff, but now living in the castle, will soon be moving into the center of the city and partaking in the race.

SS New

Gone will be the walks through the desert and laps in the pool. This is my last night in desert paradise. Tomorrow the coin flips.


*         *         *


Two weeks later…

Now here I sit in my mostly furnished and ready to rock little home. Nothing fancy, but after looking at over thirty rentals and over sixty miles of desert summer heat bike riding, I have a place to lay my head and store my dubious collection of possessions.

New Place

Funny part of the story is when, after waking up and feeling down on myself for having to ride my bike 12 miles for an appointment to see this place, the guy asked, “How far did you ride?”

“From the other side of the interstate—way past Silverbell and Grant.”

“Okay, some other groups were supposed to come and look at the place now, but I’m just going to give it to you, since you road your bike.”

That’s pretty WildernessPunk right there.

Sunset new place

I’m trying not to be overly ego-centric with this post. Anyone who has read a few WP knows I attempt to make a point past myself and more wide sweeping.

However… also anyone following WildernessPunk since it started, knows the thrust of the concept of WP centered around living without housing in at least partially in the wilds (Wilderness) but somehow making the money to do so from the internet and writing (Punk, in the Cyberpunk manner).

So this brings up two points.

  • One after first hitting the streets and forests in April of 2016, I have a real place again. So Yay!! One could say a chapter of my life is complete.


  • And two, I am or can I continue to be a WildernessPunk?


What would a WildernessPunk in the middle of a city look like? Good question. One thing to keep in mind is that it could be quite possible for me to have a lower carbon print than someone living deep in the forest. For if they have to drive twenty miles into town at least once a week, and I meet 100% of my needs by traveling via bike or on foot, I’ve already got a big head start.

Still there’s more to life than competing or comparing yourself to others.

WildernessPunk is also doing what’s right for yourself, your health, both mental and physical, and the environment, even if it seems odd or conflicts with some cultural norms. So perhaps, “Saving yourself and a bit of the world, even if you end up looking half nuts.”

So, for all you urban dwellers, or everyone I know, (Except Zah) here’s a list of ways to be a bit WildernessPunk in your city or town.

  • Obvious number one. Don’t drive or just do it as a last resort.

New yard

  • Recycle everything, not just in the bin, I mean yourself. Reuse as much as possible, then recycle it. Don’t buy things which can’t be recycled. Hell, don’t buy things. Make them. Scrounge them.


  • Barter and trade. Everything you trade for is one less thing which needs to be built. Or perhaps one less thing for you or a friend need to be wasting money on.


  • I know this is touched on above, but find the things you need on the street, in dumpsters, in a friend’s back yard. One way a city often has the country beat, is the wealth of material items just overflowing everywhere. You don’t get a chance to pick through half broken chairs and boards to see if they can be used in the northern reaches of the Navajo Nation. Here huge a wealth of items are just waiting for you to keep them out of the landfills. (Note, don’t become a messy hoarder about it, but fixing an old lawn chair is better than buying one at ACE for twenty bucks. You’re helping yourself and the environment this way.)


  • More people often mean more collaboration. Fixing a meal for five people uses less resources and money than five people fixing five meals.


  • Do things to save on resources even if they seem weird. A friend of mine here has covered many of his windows with plywood this summer. People might think it’s extreme. But I think it is extremely awesome, because his place is cooler and he’s saving money and resources. I’m reusing my shower water for watering the bushes I have outside. Yeah, I’m a freak.

Bathtub water

  • Public transportation, liberties, free events, things for kids, the list can go on.


Could these and other things keep the fire of WildernessPunk alive or maybe I’d kidding myself about the whole thing. I guess we’ll just have to see.


Bike storm


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Destiny by William Emmett, came out in 2017 and it was nice to read a recently released novel. In this science fiction tale, super high tech meets a totalitarian medieval state along with various other cultures, which exist on this far-off world our hero finds himself stranded on.

Destiny by William Emmett

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher:  Xlibris

Published: 2017

Reviewer Rating:  3.5

Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths

Menem, is the sole survivor of an interstellar exploration program. When he, and much of his tech, are forced to land on this world full of more primitive humans, he throws Star Trek’s Prime Directive out the window, it lands in the fire, and instead he sets out using his technology to be a one-man force for justice, the betterment of the people, and human rights.

And Menem has a serious amount of tech. He can create sonic booms, knock out fifty guards, and escape into his orbiting craft at will.  He finds a young deformed girl who was subjected to slaver cruality. He rescues her and uses his machines to recraft her into the most beautiful woman on the planet. Together they set off to create a university of higher learning, but in the process, anger the evil emperor who has twenty times the troops of Menem’s local allies to entire these lands and destroy Menem and his allies.. The free people are forced to wager on whether good planning and high-tech aid will be enough to help them win against overwhelming numbers.


Some kinks in this book’s armor would include, all the typos. I know I’m not one to talk when it comes to editing, but golly, this book had a lot. Hopefully they’ll all be fixed before it goes up sale. I found it a strange choice for Menem to do everything in his power to take over the ethics of this world he crashed on. I suppose it would be tempting, but kind of an odd concept to think one person with tech could be all but a god molding the planet and changing the flow for all the people rightfully living there. But hey, maybe given the chance, I would do it too.

I liked how his advanced technology was used in imaginative ways to affect outcomes which would aid his allies. Strong book and enjoyable. Emmett shows promise.



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Boney II


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I know a good number of people enjoy deserts, but always figure, I should visit them in the winter, because it’s the smart thing to do. I don’t agree. Going to the desert in the colder months is like only visiting the ocean at low tide, or having Christmas (Opps I mean the Yule Tide) in July, or ice fishing on the Summer Solstice, or maybe watching Alaskan bears eat bugs for a month before the Salmon start spawning. If you’re going to experience something, grab it head on. Feel the real heat the desert brings. Dive into the furnace, oh crap it’s sorta hot out here.


One would think leaving the cool mountains mid-summer and coming to the desert would almost be the difference between life and death, but I’ve seen far more animals here. Every turn on the castle grounds has lizards dashing away from you. Rabbits run to hide under cholla.

Horny Toad

On my long bike ride besides the, often flowing, (but only this time of year) Santa Cruz wash, I’ve seen several species of lizard, blue herons, multiple road runners and even a southern Arizona gopher snake. It got grouchy too and emits a hiss mimicking the shake of a rattler’s tail.


Showing up during monsoons proved well worth any heat I’ve endured. When the desert clouds open up, it is a force to be respected. Lightning hammers the world and thunder explodes coming ever closer. Washes flow in areas which have been dry for months and erupt into rivers.

Santa Cruz

Yeah, I’m cool with my timing.

I think we all need to do what we can to enjoy every time of year and each day in it. I don’t care if you have to work a sixteen-hour shift or clean your whole house, every day needs to be savored and we should allow ourselves at least a little peace, relaxation, and joy.

Sometimes, work, stress, and obligations seem to crush us flat. We feel like we are doing things for everyone but ourselves. Still, we deserve to live and enjoy our own lives. And no one says you can’t enjoy it around others, whether they be friends, family, or maybe someone you just met.

Bike wet rain

I just randomly met a woman who needed help because her car window was smashed in by a thief. He stole her backpack and a few other things. She was quite obviously going through a stressful time, but I got her to smile and chuckle. I helped her through it a bit and we might end up being friends.

Even in adversity, you could learn something or have some positive outcomes. Of course, some things just blow and you have to deal and suffer through it, but again at the end of the day enjoy the moon for a moment, read a good book, or perhaps sit someplace comfortable and let yourself just be.

Life is ridiculously short and we sometimes work so hard to improve it for us and others we don’t stop to just live it. I think I’m going to go look at some lizards. Later.


AZ sunset II


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no toe


Genre:  Dark Fantasy

Publisher:  White Cat Publications

Published: 2011

Reviewer Rating:  4

Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths

Tainted Blood by Ferrel D. Moore might be considered a horror by some, but I would place it firmly in the camp of Dark Fantasy, despite its high body count.

Tainted Blood by Ferrel D. Moore

The story has multiple POVs, but follows the plight of Sveta, who is a professional mercenary and a handful of her fellow Russian heavies. Early on, they are laid out to attack an old man who turns out to be an unstoppable werewolf. Nothing slows this thing down, not bullets, silver, or fire. Everything about it is uncontrollable including its need to kill scores and scores of humans.

With the help of a mysterious girl, Sveta survives her initial encounter with the beast only to find herself guided to its steampunk tech underground lair. Once there, she learns more about the fate of the man suffering from the curse of the beast while multiple gangs of the Red Mafia close in on them.

Action and bloodshed happen at any moment as these evil and heartless Russians first manipulate and then kill anything in their path, much like the werewolf they hunt. Sveta knows she should try to escape before it becomes too late, but the intense mystery being slowly reveled becomes too much for her to walk away from.

As I said, this book is full of action, but it is also full of violence and malice. If you do not like bloodshed and evil people being evil, then it could be not to your liking. Also, even though bullets never hurt the beast, not only to people brag throughout how they are going to shoot it down, but they continue to use guns even when the twenty people they just saw getting killed had been using their guns to no effect.


However, if you love action and military style battles, this could be one for you. Despite the training and force they can bring to bear, it is all useless and they will have to figure out another way to destroy this unstoppable beast.


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Werewolf II


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So I moved from a cool mountain paradise with no humidity and mosquitos down to a steaming desert to be blasted by the heat in the middle of the summer. One could say my choice has questionable merit and might have been unwise. Butttttt, hear me out.


I have also moved from the most expensive place in the state to the cheapest. Tucson rent, literally less than half as much. I’m looking at two bedrooms for around 600$ a month when the last two-bedroom place I called in Flagstaff wanted 1700$ and that was with two families living in your back yard.

Gotta say, “Screw that.”

I’m not having it any more. Flagtown is one of the best places to live in the USA, but I’m at a point in my life I’m just not going to flush an extra 600$ a month away to help make someone else rich. I’m not going to go into it, but it’s time, for this guy to live smaller (Remember the mouse?).


Which could bring up this episode of WildernessPunk’s topic, Extravagance. Some forms of extravagance are obvious. The guy spending his wages on cocaine. (Do people still do that?) The rest of humanity could look at him and say, “What a fool. I’m so much better than that.”

Still, and you knew this was coming, I think much like how we all cherry pick the ways we’re helping the world and being environmental, I think we also pick our extravagance. For the purpose of this discussion, I will consider an extravagance as something you have/do which is spiked up financially and perhaps with the use of time, much higher than the other parts of your life.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Having a hotrod when you live in an apartment
  • Spending a month of your wages on a vacation once or twice a year
  • Gambling frequently
  • Cigarettes
  • Any constant use of drugs from caffeine to cocaine, this includes alcohol of course.
  • Buying ATVs or jet skis for no legitimate use
  • Living in an expensive place without the job to match
  • Buying expensive things without the job to match

jet skis

This list could go on, but I think you get the idea. I’m not saying living large in some way is wrong. We should all choose what we want to do in life. What I am saying is more on the line with the glass house and a pile of rocks sort of thing. Is the person who is impoverished because she has a huge car payment each month so different than a guy who blows four hundred bucks a month gambling? Maybe she’ll have more to show for it, but you never know, while she’s eating rumen, he’s off having a great time for ten hours, meeting people, and developing fun memories.

Personally, I think a great vacation is much better than wasting money on cocaine. (Why is he still picking on the poor coke heads?) Yet, there could be some similarities.

  • When it is over, all you have are memories
  • You could now be quite broke for a month or more
  • You could have racked up more debt
  • No one is much interested in what happened besides you
  • Both wish they didn’t have to go back to the real world and could remain in that state


And so… what’s my point, yes sometimes I have one. I believe we should each be careful judging other’s hobbies, pastimes, and motivations, when we might be living very extravagantly ourselves, but just in a different way. Whether you spend an extra 600$ a month to live in a mountain town, drive the best car at the office, or party until 2pm every Friday and Saturday night, they’re all extravagant behaviors and all wasteful in some degree.

Such things should be thought through carefully, like all important things in life. Perhaps even consider your impact on the environment. The guy dumping 6 bottles a day into the trash, is certainly hurting the eco-sphere more than the gambler flipping cards. But wait, did the gambler spend 10 bucks on gas and use a quarter tank to get to the casino…

AZ Sunset

Until next time, be careful when you choose your poison and don’t be too quick to judge another just because their brand is different than yours.



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Dead Space, Liberation is the third graphic novel in the Dead Space series. Titan Books has taken the Dead Space video game and made it into an impressive graphic novel. Again, the artwork of this graphic novel is mind grabbing as much as it is disturbing and a very powerful feast for the eyes.

Dead Space, Liberation by Christopher Shy

The horror of the murderous corpses continues to mutate as it spreads across the universe and devours all in its path. In this novel, a lone survivor teams up with a ship crew and tries to fight back and survive the monsters crafted from human flesh.

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Titan

Published: 2013

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

The character development was better in this novel and I felt for the main character and wanted him to somehow see things through, but like the other Dead Space novels, it is a slaughter.

I found parts of this hard to read, but the font was bigger than the last novel. After reading third of these, it would have been nice to see more plot twists. Perhaps origins or explanations could have been introduced. Instead we meet some people and then see them all get killed. There is a terror in never knowing what you really face or why the horror is happening to you, but there is also the danger of repetition.

If you liked the first two novels, get this one as well. This is good stuff, but I do not think I would pay for another one.


Dead Space


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How much? How many? Possessions, what do we really need? Out of everything you own, how much have you used in the last month, the last year? Do you have things which haven’t seen the light for over a decade? Depending on your age, I bet you do.

Of course, even in the US, there is a wide curve in how much people possess. A twenty-two-year-old bouncing into a new apartment, might have less than a twelve year old living in suburbia. Others own rooms full of items and in general the older one is, the more likely they own more and will continue to do so as long as their health permits.

Overall, I’d guess the richer one is, the more they possess, (and the more resources they consume and the more they hurt the environment) although poverty is no protection against accumulating too much. Everyone is different, but most people in this country tend to fill any place they have, given the time.

Why do we keep so much? As I allow myself a moment out of the piercing desert sun, I leave my half empty Uhaul and contemplate the type of things I’m moving through the shimmering heat.

Half Done

Perhaps we should look at both the positive and negative aspects of doing so before we move on. Let’s go positive first.

  • Saving items is environmentally friendly on multiple levels. I’m keeping things out of the landfill, instead of replacing them with something new whose construction uses part of the environment and it also creates a carbon print to be produced. Often when I contemplate throwing away a non-perishable item like a broken table, this is the thought which nags at me, “This is so irresponsible to be throwing this into a landfill, when with a little work it could be fixed.”


  • You might be able to use it. Again, I’m helping the environment by not replicating something I have. I’m not wasting money buying something new.


  • Certain things are useful sporadically. I’m not just talking about winter and summer clothes here. There are also things like camping equipment, hunting and fishing gear, and vacations supplies, which all though used less frequently, as very valuable when it is time to bust them out.


  • Sometimes you can pass things down to friends. “I’m sick of this old sofa, but my buddy moved into a new place and has almost nothing in there yet…”


  • Lastly, it is yours. You worked for the money to get it. You carried it into your home. Items are part of your capital base and most of us just want this to increase. It is the way of mankind.


Alright let’s head into the negatives.


  • Too many things make your living space one big mess. Sure, some people like things tidier than others, but having crap spread over everywhere in every room gets ridiculous. You are weighing the pleasure of having nice things by the overabundance of them to the point where nothing looks good and little is enjoyed.


Storage unit 2

  • You have so much stuff you can’t find what you need. We have possessions so we can use them. But when we have too much, the things we need are unfindable or buried in some closet and if you forgot where you put your keys, it might be a half an hour quest to locate them within the clutter.


  • Clutter is dangerous. It is easier to get hurt when things are twisting your ankle, stabbing your ribs, or falling off shelves. Not to mention carrying items through narrowed spaces makes it more likely you might throw out your back.


  • No clean level surface to put my beer on.


  • If/when you have to move, well… that’s when the nightmare really begins


  • If you are a renter, having too much crap can get you tossed out of your place too.

So what is the answer? How do we balance all our things? The younger generation may have a lead on some of us. They seem happier just having a little screen to stare into and get much of their entertainment from the cloud.

Much of our lives we are told to get more, get more. But why do we really need more and what are we getting? Do I really need those 25 extra shirts I never wear? Are my files of paperwork I haven’t seen for 5 years really something I should still be keeping?


It is hard to get things and sometimes even harder to throw them away. Perhaps the best idea would be to want, need, and use less. Remember the mouse? But despite of my words, I still don’t want to get rid of my Conan comics.



Alex of the Gods


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