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Movie Review of Now You See Me 2

June 28, 2016

Release: June 2016 Stars: 4   I managed to view Now You See Me 2 with my dad on Father’s Day. So after a full meal, we headed to Harkins and even ran into a former co-worker there and we all sat together. So Unlike 75% of the last movies I saw, I was not […]

7 Things I Have Learned From Camping

September 16, 2015

I know some folks camp more and perhaps better than me. Many millions of people have homes that mirror what I would call camping throughout their entire lives. However, we all work with the lives we are given and no matter who you are, we all hope to learn and improve ourselves through our experiences. […]

There’s Aliens in them there Hills, An Arizona Play

July 12, 2015

3 Bar Arizona: 3 Bar is at the eastern edge of the Four Peaks wilderness, which is past the eastern edge of Phoenix. It has a strong river, a good sized pool, and a waterfall all within walking distance of the camp. The area is rich with trees as well as desert scenery. Old roads […]

Summertime Blues

May 31, 2015

On The Patio at the er… The Patio. The sun beat down between the clouds in Flagstaff. The memory of the late May snows evaporated from the minds of the Discord staff almost as fast as their self esteem. Bone leaned back and said, “So what are we going to do with our cameraman Greg […]

Aliens Pledge to Destroy the Human Race as a Favor to Dolphins

January 15, 2015

Miami Florida: Late this afternoon, Dolphin researcher Dr. Holly Hotalot made a startling announcement to the press. “I was shocked to discover that many of the world’s dolphins and porpoises have been talking to an alien race known only as the Usukko for quite some time now. More surprising was how much these lovable creatures […]

The Chronicles of Jack Primus Video

September 27, 2014

Hey Folks in celebration of Jack Primus III being released, we have a new video out to help celebrate this mighty blow against the foul Xemmoni who haunt the night Check out our newest video here! Continue the adventure with Jack Primus here!

Discord CEO Moves All Reporters into a 1957 Winnebago

August 26, 2014

Rest Area outside of Bullhead City: In a effort to cut expenses and help fund his second home in Bermuda, The Daily Discord’s CEO Pierce Winslow has moved his entire reporting staff into the old Winnebago his grandmother left him. This would mean that no less than a dozen reporters, six children, eight significant others, […]


November 30, 2011

Me   Michael D. Griffiths   2090 November I have a long and esteemed name, one which I would not seek to tarnish. For the purpose of this journal, I shall refer to myself by my street name Phlick. All my life, I have been obsessed with death and aging. One might call it a […]

From Night Raids to Pool Hopping

May 6, 2011

As I passed through my teen years there were many things I did, which most kids were doing. There were also things me and my friends did that I doubt anyone was doing or at least not in my home town.           The first was perhaps the more benign of the two and that was […]

Creepy Times in the Lands of my Ancestors

April 29, 2011

The stories I have shared thus far have been of my school years and childhood, but as you may have guessed, I eventually did grow up and graduate high school. Soon after that most of my friends were off at college, while I had begun my new and somewhat strange job as an ID camera […]