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Solo: A Star Wars Story

June 24, 2018

Genre:  Science Fiction Movie Produced By: Disney Released: 2018 Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths . .   I managed to get to my first summer blockbuster. I parked my car in a scrap of shade and rushed through the growing desert heat into the air conditioning. I got into the theater first […]

Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box

June 22, 2018

Gathering the Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box was a long a difficult process, but when the pale faced employees couldn’t figure out how to light their firewall, because they’d never gone camping, and kept trying to get the matches to work by clicking on them, we were able to sneak around them by surrounding […]

7 Things I Learned from the Desert

June 21, 2018

The first thought going through your mind could be, why desert and are there going to be more 7 Things I Learned about forests, lakes, grasslands, the winter wastes…  These others could come up, but there’s something special about the desert for me.  When younger, I had a choice, or at least a chance, to […]

7 Things I Learned by Being an Atheist

May 17, 2018

Hello ally and enemy. Welcome to the 7 Things I learned by being an Atheist. Just a quick background to explain certain attitudes or bias I could possess, for those who might care. I’m a second-generation atheist. Unlike most of my friends, I didn’t start my younger years by going to church and then put […]

Ghost Town’s Ghost, WildernessPunk

May 12, 2018

This is my new thing, at least for the next month or so, I’m heading out into Arizona’s desert badlands on the week’s most off-days, Monday and Tuesday. Some people think you should only explore the desert in the winter. Forget such nonsense. One should experience an area’s true nature. You don’t become one with […]

Two Years, WildernessPunk

April 6, 2018

As I have stated on more than one occasion, WildernessPunk has never been meant to be just an upscale journal chronicling my misadventures. However, WildernessPunk did begin after I was tossed into a dark well of unintended Chaos. This Chaos became full of moments both good and ill, uplifting and difficult. This week held the […]

Smashing the Gaslight-WildernessPunk

February 24, 2018

Is it just me or has the occurrence of foolish drama increased over the past year or so? Could this be because we have a president who seeks to make our government into a reality TV show? Perhaps we’re more sensitive to malicious plotting than we used to be or more informed in regards to […]

Can you go Back? WildernessPunk

February 9, 2018

They say, “You can’t go back.” Which is of course false, because you can go back, it just might not feel the same way. Yet, what makes it different? I often look back at even recent times in my life and marvel over how much has changed in just a couple of years, but things […]

1 in 3, WildernessPunk

January 26, 2018

“Whether a man is a criminal or a public servant is purely a matter of perspective” Tom Robbins, 1990 Hello dear readers of the glowing light, it’s not talking about me, I mean your magic rectangle. I’m just here to address the vampire in the room. A year has passed since Trump has occupied the […]

Junk in the Trunk, WildernessPunk

January 6, 2018

What, am I talking about health? Trying to be trendy? I know North Americans hear so much discussion over eating habits and physical health, such things are the last issues we want to read about, or are they? Maybe we’re in a unique space in human history, where we have the means to fix and […]