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The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Hurst

December 9, 2021

The Bone Maker by Sarah Beth Hurst is an innovative fantasy novel set in a world where magic can only be controlled through bones. The Bone Workers are rare, but these adepts can use bones to create moving constructs, foretell the future, and create heroic actions such and great speed and strength. Genre:  Fantasy Publisher: […]

The Plague by Albert Camus

November 29, 2021

The Plague was written by the introspective Algerian author, Albert Camus. Camus is a well-respected author from the first half of the 20th century. I had never read anything by him, and since we are still living through a pandemic, I figured why not read his classic work, The Plague. Genre:  Literary Fiction Publisher: The […]

The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament by Joshua Bowen

November 12, 2021

The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament by Joshua Bowen is an extensive review of the first half of the Old Testament. I first learned of this publication when Bowen was interviewed by atheist YouTuber Shannon Q. The interview impressed me and since I have been debating theists lately, I went ahead and ordered myself […]

YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis

October 14, 2021

In a rare twist of fate, I decided to order books online. Since I was already getting a few books, I tossed YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis into my purchase. Just a quick background on my interest levels here. I’ve been involved with the team of comedians called Search Truth Quest and […]

Our Lady of the Ice by Cassandra Rose Clarke

October 4, 2021

Not long ago I looked through the books I had been sent to review and pulled some of the more promising out and made a pile. Our Lady of the Ice by Cassandra Rose Clarke was on the top and, apparently, I had chosen well, for this was one of the best books to review […]

A World Without Police by Geo Maher

September 22, 2021

I did not know what I was really getting into when I grabbed A World Without Police by Geo Maher at a brick-and-mortar bookstore. I know this is a hard-core book, but we live in a world where one mistake could lead you into a dangerous situation. Do you call the police or have the […]

Devolution by Max Brooks

August 26, 2021

I received Devolution by Max Brooks as a gift while I was on vacation. Since I had read the Zombie Survival Guide and WWZ, I was excited and almost jumped right in, but I was diving into the Wizard King series and wanted to keep at it. I love everything I have read from Max […]

Trial of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie

August 11, 2021

Trial of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie is the second book in the Wizard King series. I am reading the first two books back-to-back which is a privilege I have rarely enjoyed of the past 10+ years of writing book reviews. After the Created Series which I read in order, I am finding I […]

Return of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie

July 25, 2021

Return of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie is a fantasy novel which was released last year. I have already bought the second one and assume the third will be available soon. If you happened to read my last book review you are aware my reading habits have recently changed giving me more freedom to […]

Ararat by Christopher Golden

July 20, 2021

Ararat by Christopher Golden is a horror novel which became a best seller.Usually I do not read many best sellers because for the last 12 years I have been a semiprofessional book reviewer of speculative fiction. When you are a lower ranking book reviewer you tend to get more of the indie authors, and it […]