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Number One with a Turd, Elon Musk in 2022

January 12, 2023

Elon Musk or, as I call him, Elmu, is quite proud of all the times he’s managed to be number one with so many things. One of his crowning moments was when it was announced he had become the richest man on the planet. Although there has always been a richest man on the planet, […]

Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez

January 8, 2023

Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez may currently hold the honor(?) of being the book I have neglected to review for the longest period of time. I gave him a great review for his novel Gil’s All Fright Diner about thirteen years ago, for a web site which died about thirteen years ago, and […]

Tucker Joes

December 18, 2022

The Fox News Network is proud to present its newest foray into investment diversity. Spearheaded by one of their most innovative propagators Tucker Carlson, they are making the controversial decision to try to compete with the Liberal mainstay, Trader Joes, by opening a store to cater to right wing interests which will be called Tucker […]

Whispering Nickel Idols by Glen Cook

August 22, 2022

Whispering Nickel Idols by Glen Cook centers around Garret, a private eye who lives within a chaotic fantasy city and his giant entourage of strange allies and creatures. I have read dozens of Glen Cook books so when I saw one at Bookman’s I grabbed it. I read the first half while battling covid in […]

Attack of the Flagstaff Cube

November 21, 2021

In 2011, in the wake of the Famous Flagstaff Cube Attack, the survivors of this alien assault took to the hills in a frantic hope to survive. During this struggle Alex Bone received a message to meet an odd miner living in the mountains. This miner, William Lynn, claims he knew the truth about the […]

Search Brew Quest

November 4, 2021

Ten years ago, the heroes of Search Truth Quest took on the mantle of protecting the citizens of Arizona from the horrors of things unseen, unproven, and unfunded. This ‘Lost Footage’ was recently uncovered when two Flag Brew employees had an intimate staff meeting on the top of their manager’s desk. . . In this […]

Hunting the Bisbee Thunderbirds

October 9, 2021

Last Summer the Search Truth Quest team demanded we go to Bisbee to find the reptilian Thunderbirds, then canceled and removed their funding. This is the story of the two men stupid enough to head down there anyway. . . It started, like usual, with Mick Zano busting through our Southern Arizona Search truth Quest […]

The Headless Hessian or the 13th Best Superstition Mountains Documentary

June 1, 2021

Alright, how do I put this. I think Les Moore started it. We’d always had trouble with funding. I mean we can’t even afford a donate button and we’ll never make enough money to fund a Start Me Up program. So, since we live all over Arizona the obviously answer was to met in the […]

The Container

May 12, 2021

When my youngest ran in saying there was a big package behind Search Truth Quest Tucson Branch Headquarters, or STQTBH, I wasn’t sure what to expect. . . Then when I saw it’s size, I knew we had better get this on video. . . But you’ll never guess what was inside. . .. So […]

The Quest To Search for the Truth of Cochise’s Grave

May 5, 2021

Last Thanksgiving some members of Search Truth Quest teamed up with the Rendezvous Crew, and despite us twirling through the center of the Covid Apocalypse, we traveled to the middle of the Dragoons Mountains to begin our Search for the hidden grave of Cochise. Chief Cochise was one of the last leaders of the free […]