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From Crappiness to Happiness in Three Easy Steps

April 1, 2016

Collapsing Shack Arizona: Most of us have our mental health ups and downs or as I prefer to call them, while I’m drinking or when I’m at work. However, I have noticed over the years that some people seem to have a leg up on the happiness scale. What advantages do they have that I […]

Bike Rider’s Blues

May 2, 2014

Route 66.6:The modern age, where bucking the system to save a buck makes you a marauder at best or an iconoclastic pest. Or maybe even worse, an iconoclastic pest with a laptop. Cuz yeah, the laptop comes with me when my bicycle’s two tires pumped full of thorn and insult resistant rubber hits the road. […]

Search Truth Quest

December 29, 2013

What happens when you allow The Daily Discord crew to try to solve the mysteries of the Universe? This might not be pretty…   Check out the Insanity here!!!     Get more Comedy Action From The Daily Discord right Here!!!  

EP 5: The Daily Discord’s “Lowell Observatory Incident”

December 22, 2013

This Spring a group of Adventurers risked their lives at the Lowell Observatory here is what they discovered…   This video could save your life! Click here!! For More Comedy Click Here

The Haunted Weatherford in Flagstaff Arizona

November 8, 2013

What happens when you take a group of chaos driven wild individuals and give them permission to explore your 140 year old hotel for Ghosts? Well just click below to find out… if you dare!!! Check out the video here!! Check out more Comedy here!!!

Williams Ghost Invesitgation Video

November 7, 2013

Hello Brave souls. Here is our 4th Daily Discord Ghost Investigation Video! Williams Arizona was known as the Gateway to the Grand Canon, but it may now be know for being the gatewate to Terror or maybe just goofiness, you decide. Check out the Video here! Looking for more comedy? Check this out!