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The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French

May 30, 2018

Genre:  Fantasy Publisher:  Random Books Published: 2018 Reviewer Rating:  5 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths     The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French is quite a novel. I really enjoyed this one to the point where I read the last 166 pages in one day. I doubt it hurt I am playing a Half Ork […]

Another Roadside Attraction, by Tom Robbins

March 14, 2018

  Genre:  Fantasy Publisher:  Bantam Books Published: 1971 Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths     Another Roadside Attraction, by Tom Robbins was published in part as a tribute to the creativity and individuality which developed out of the 60s. The story centers around a free thinking and beautiful young clairvoyant, named Amanda, […]

Book Review of Hero Lost Edited by Alex J Cavanaugh

March 5, 2017

Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Freedom Fox Press Published: 2017 Reviewer Rating: 3 Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths Hero Lost, is a Fantasy Anthology edited by Alex J Cavanaugh. This anthology has 12 short stories which all revolve around mostly traditional fantasy themes. This book comes out of a Facebook group called the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Seven […]

Book Review of The Dark Matter by DM Flexer

November 29, 2016

Published by Xlibris in 2016 Genre: Fantasy Stars: 3   The Dark Matter by DM Flexer is a fantasy novel more than anything else, although there are some odd dashes of science fiction thrown in. It takes place on Atlantis, which is a progressive city wise before its time and led by president Seneca. . […]

Book Review of The Sword and Its Servant, by Victor Salinas

August 13, 2016

Published by Understone Group in 2014 Stars: 4 The Sword and Its Servant, by Victor Salinas, is another young adult book. How did I get sucked into reading another one, well… by the ages 15 and up warning label? Here I am thinking I might be reading a book a little on the spicy side, […]

Book Review of The Knight of Swords, by Michael Moorcock

July 22, 2016

Published by Titan Books, original release 1970 The Knight of Swords, by Michael Moorcock is a book that I actually have read before. Sometime during my early years of high school, I got my hands on it. In fact it was one of the first strings of books I read for pleasure and not because […]

Book Review of The Queen Of Swords, by Michael Moorcock

July 20, 2016

Published by Titan Books, originally released in 1971 Stars: 5 The Queen of Swords, by Michael Moorcock is the second book in the Corum Eternal Companion series. Moorcock, as always, does a great job being creative and keeping the characters consistent between the novels while also letting them grow and change. There is also a […]

Book Review of Miscast Spells, by Rose Corcoran

June 7, 2016

I have been reviewing books for quite some time now. The biggest, or certainly one of the biggest, upsides of being a book reviewer is I have not had to buy books for almost a decade now. But in a quest to both grease the wheels for getting a local book store let me do […]

Book Review of Dusk Fall by Christopher Husberg

May 13, 2016

Book Review of Dusk Fall by Christopher Husberg Published by: Titan Books in 2016 Stars: 5 Yep, Titan did it again. Just when I think they can not possibly keep up the pace, I get a new book and I am just completely blown away. Duskfall by Christopher Husberg is just amazing. This is a […]

7 Things I Have Learned From Role Playing Games

September 24, 2015

I know I am good at a few things and in other areas my skills could use a little work, (just ask my wife) but there is not much about role playing games that I am in the dark about. Not trying to jump on board the brag box, but I might as well when […]