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Search Brew Quest

November 4, 2021

Ten years ago, the heroes of Search Truth Quest took on the mantle of protecting the citizens of Arizona from the horrors of things unseen, unproven, and unfunded. This ‘Lost Footage’ was recently uncovered when two Flag Brew employees had an intimate staff meeting on the top of their manager’s desk. . . In this […]

Wilderness Punk, First Challenge

August 4, 2016

Something happened yesterday, which became very intense. I was tested. If I had failed, this experiment would be over before it started.   I heard something moving over the hills toward me. I’ve clocked hundreds of days of camping, but I had never heard anything like this. I could sense something traveling my way. A […]

Wilderness Punk, Setbacks

August 3, 2016

Waking up with the sun, I listen to the birds and hope they help drone out the plane passing overhead. I know I need to reach further into the wilds, but with just a bike for transportation, I’d leave the Punk/Cyber out of my Wilderness equation.   Since yesterday I expounded on my resources, I […]

Wilderness Punk, Camp 1, Day 2

August 3, 2016

Out in the forests ten miles east of Flagstaff, a place where pine and oak have juniper for a neighbor. Ravens and hawks battle the still air to fly over the hills and washes cutting through the green. I sit alone in the camping chair I found discarded—just today. I’ve repaired it to a relative […]

Summertime Blues

May 31, 2015

On The Patio at the er… The Patio. The sun beat down between the clouds in Flagstaff. The memory of the late May snows evaporated from the minds of the Discord staff almost as fast as their self esteem. Bone leaned back and said, “So what are we going to do with our cameraman Greg […]

Local Flagstaff bike hero, rips up Bike Park. Flagstylin’ in Arizona

July 15, 2014

Check out this local Bike Hero Jerrick Lewis Filmed by  my buddy Greg Horn Go Flagstaff   Check out more of Greg’s Horn Arizona Action Here!!!

Twisted Turns

February 11, 2011

Twisted Turns Like me, I’m sure most of you are sick about hearing about the downturn in the economy. Unlike most people that flash us sound bytes on television, we northern AZ folks are more worried about figuring out when we can afford our next bike tire, instead of bellyaching that we had to sell […]