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YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis

October 14, 2021

In a rare twist of fate, I decided to order books online. Since I was already getting a few books, I tossed YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis into my purchase. Just a quick background on my interest levels here. I’ve been involved with the team of comedians called Search Truth Quest and […]

Depression or not enough Wilderness in my Punk

September 30, 2016

Depression’s got a hold of Me Depression, I got to break Free Depression’s got a hold of Me Depression’s gonna kill Me Black Flag . . Ergg, yeah sorry. Not the greatest title for getting people to dive into a post. Either you aren’t depressed so you don’t feel like being brought down, or you […]

From Crappiness to Happiness in Three Easy Steps

April 1, 2016

Collapsing Shack Arizona: Most of us have our mental health ups and downs or as I prefer to call them, while I’m drinking or when I’m at work. However, I have noticed over the years that some people seem to have a leg up on the happiness scale. What advantages do they have that I […]