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Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

February 27, 2023

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry is another classic in zombie fiction which came out before The Walking Dead influenced craze of the past decade. I first heard about Jonathan Maberry when he sent me his novel, Dead of the Night, to be reviewed over ten years ago. I enjoyed his novel a great deal and […]

Plague of the Dead by Z.A Recht

February 3, 2023

Plague of the Dead by Z.A Recht is an older, pre-zombie phenomenon novel which came out in 2006. This is before The Walking Dead and the avalanche of zombie fiction, (including mine) which came out in the teens. This book has a different feel than more modern books, maybe you could call it, zombie classic. […]

Servant Mage by Kate Elliott

January 28, 2023

Servant Mage by Kate Elliott is a fantasy novel set in a world where most mages are kept as weakened servants. Instead of tossing fire balls, Fellian is using sparks to light lamps, but only after she is cleaning the outhouses in the tavern where she is a victim of indentured servitude. This all changes […]

Out of Thin Air by Peter D Ward

January 17, 2023

Out of Thin Air by Peter D Ward is a book which focuses on how the changing levels of oxygen molded the evolution of animals over the past 500 million years. When oxygen first appeared on the Earth it was a poison to all the lifeforms living here but slowly, through the eons, creatures evolved […]

Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez

January 8, 2023

Too Many Curses by A. lee Martinez may currently hold the honor(?) of being the book I have neglected to review for the longest period of time. I gave him a great review for his novel Gil’s All Fright Diner about thirteen years ago, for a web site which died about thirteen years ago, and […]

Red Dust and Bones by Timothy Masters

December 12, 2022

This giant self-published novel intimated me a little for diving into a self-published novel with over 550 pages can be a dangerous affair. In this cause, I need not have worried. Red Dust and Bones is a fantastic ride and for me a quick read. I ripped through this longer book with my weekday, waiting […]

The Troop by Nick Cutter

November 27, 2022

A few days before Halloween I realized I was not reading a horror book and I felt this was quite remiss. I looked through my unreads and discovered I had a hidden horror book left. I thought The Troop was a science fiction soldier type of thing and just between us there are two huge […]

Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman

October 6, 2022

Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman is a mystery novel set in the southwest and is centered around the Navajo Nation. I would be surprised if anyone reading this has not heard of Tony Hillerman, since he is one of the premiere mystery writers of our generation. I have already read about a half dozen of […]

The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate by R. Perez de Pereda

September 24, 2022

The Many Deaths of Cyan Wraithwate by R. Perez de Pereda is a short fantasy novel which has the feel of a mythological tale. Early in the story, Cyan receives a magical wrist guard which resurrects him each time he dies, and, spoiler alert, he dies a lot in this novella. There is a drawback, […]

Whispering Nickel Idols by Glen Cook

August 22, 2022

Whispering Nickel Idols by Glen Cook centers around Garret, a private eye who lives within a chaotic fantasy city and his giant entourage of strange allies and creatures. I have read dozens of Glen Cook books so when I saw one at Bookman’s I grabbed it. I read the first half while battling covid in […]