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Doom’s Day Preeners

February 18, 2020

“So with the nails poking through these boards anyone who tries to walk up our path with have a big nasty surprise,” Glenn said as he showed his wife Franny the work he’d just completed. “YooWho,” an older woman voice called up to them. Glenn snatched up his AR15, cast a stern look at his […]


October 3, 2016

I think there comes a time in every survivalist, nature poet, mountain man, and off the grider, where they wake up and contemplate whether what they’re doing is as good as it gets or if they are just another homeless loser. It doesn’t help that you could probably be quite a few of those things, […]

Wilderness Survival Quiz

May 4, 2012

The purpose of this quiz is to test yourself and your wilderness survival skills. In the age of cell phones and GPS, many of us think that such an event could never befall us, but each year hundreds of people are confronted with situations where there are no simple solutions and if they are not […]