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Tucker Joes

December 18, 2022

The Fox News Network is proud to present its newest foray into investment diversity. Spearheaded by one of their most innovative propagators Tucker Carlson, they are making the controversial decision to try to compete with the Liberal mainstay, Trader Joes, by opening a store to cater to right wing interests which will be called Tucker […]

The Sonoran Inspector General or Zano gets lost in the Desert… Again

June 27, 2021

When Zano tries to walk from Phoenix to Tucson in the middle of the Blazing Arizona Summer, the last thing he expected was for the heat to be the least of his Problems, cuz well, he has a lot of problems. . If only I had caught him sooner, but his spectral wife told me […]

Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box

June 22, 2018

Gathering the Top Ten Slogans Rejected by X-Box was a long a difficult process, but when the pale faced employees couldn’t figure out how to light their firewall, because they’d never gone camping, and kept trying to get the matches to work by clicking on them, we were able to sneak around them by surrounding […]

Adventures in Boneland, The Sex, Drugs, and Punk Rock and Roll Collection

November 20, 2017

Introduction: I’ve never been much of a political comic, I tend to leave such things to Zano, because even when I try to be hip and current, our political climate is changing so quickly, I can’t get it to work. Case in point, I heard after being accused of trying to hit on a 14-year-old […]

Old, Smart, and Full of Fart, The Daily Discord asks Alex Bone Four Questions

October 14, 2017

Four Questions   I heard you got divorced, how is that going?   So, yeah, I’m divorced. But here’s the thing, I went ahead and figured I should stay single for a while, because no woman wants to be the bounce back gal. So, I keep telling them, “No baby, you’re not the bounce back […]

A Room in the Hand is Worth More than Sleeping in a Bush

June 13, 2016

Four Enclosed Walls Arizona: Let’s face it, we all have our share of bad luck or in my case, I woke up. Sometimes during the worst of times housing can be the cause of your problems. Or you are having the worst of times because you have no housing. Or maybe your housing is having […]

What If: Woman were Stronger than Men?

June 6, 2016

Four Enclosed Walls Arizona: This is the first in a series of 800 What If articles that I intend to have finished before the end of the summer. So what if women were on the average twice as strong as men? First off, perhaps I should point out why woman are not twice as strong […]

A Discordic Summertime Blues Part II

June 25, 2015

The Patio’s Patio Flagstaff Arizona: We had just left or tragic heroes being confronted by the fungi of Yoggoth, the horror from space, a Migo, which is also known as a toadstool with an attitude, or the last ingredient I would ever want to put onto my pizza. These queeros, I mean heroes, all jumped […]

Summertime Blues

May 31, 2015

On The Patio at the er… The Patio. The sun beat down between the clouds in Flagstaff. The memory of the late May snows evaporated from the minds of the Discord staff almost as fast as their self esteem. Bone leaned back and said, “So what are we going to do with our cameraman Greg […]

Outbreak of Plague Slows Down Discord Film

May 4, 2015

Collapsing Shack Flagstaff Arizona: The Daily Discord film crews were forced to push back the start date and find another location for filming the, soon to Oscar nominated, short, “Driving Miss Crazy” when Picture Canyon was discovered to be infested with plague baring fleas. The Discord’s writer, editor, actor, producer, stage hand, prop boy, bar […]