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Book Review of The Race, by Nina Allan

February 13, 2017

Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Titan Published: 2016 Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars Reviewer: Michael Griffiths The Race, by Nina Allan is a literary novel with just a tinge of Science Fiction. Things are hinted at in this book, like parallel worlds and the ability to talk to animals, as well as biologically developed smart dogs, but […]

Book Review of The Queen Of Swords, by Michael Moorcock

July 20, 2016

Published by Titan Books, originally released in 1971 Stars: 5 The Queen of Swords, by Michael Moorcock is the second book in the Corum Eternal Companion series. Moorcock, as always, does a great job being creative and keeping the characters consistent between the novels while also letting them grow and change. There is also a […]

Book Review of Empress Game, by Ronda Mason

July 18, 2016

Published by Titan Books in 2016 Stars: 4.5 I had the pleasure of receiving the Empress Game, by Ronda Mason in the mail from Titan. Titan is quickly becoming my favorite publishing company. Not only do they publish books at a respectable rate, but their books are always inventive and they possess a high quality […]

Book Review of The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

July 17, 2016

Published by, Titan Books  in 2015 Stars: 4.5 Looks like my streak of reviewing the best books ever in one year is continuing. I loved The Death House even if it is a Young Adult book. I will also throw this out there. I think it is the best young adult book I have ever […]

Book Review of The Art of Mad Max Fury Road, by Abbie Bernstein

July 11, 2016

Published by Titan Books in 2015 Stars: 4 I am not a professional art critic, but that is okay, because there is not much to criticize in this artistic exploration into the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road. What I do have going for me is a long lived appreciation for the Mad Max movies, […]