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WildernessPunk: Reboot

January 4, 2019

Well yeahhhhh, I have not picked up the mantel of WildernessPunk for a half a year. I feel somewhat remiss over this, but also justified, for I’d rather shut something down than risk becoming a hypocrite or just blurt out theories or lifestyles changes I’m not willing to engage in myself. . . The original […]

The Nature of Nature in WildernessPunk

October 4, 2016

Since I promised you, my gentle reader, I would cheer up at the end of my last post, I’m going to discuss the nature of Nature. You’re all well aware there’s little which cheers me like Nature. . . We already discussed the theory of True Environment. True Environment is an area which would be […]

True Environment and WildernessPunk

August 19, 2016

What you gonna do? Call the Lilly Ponds Camp 2. . . Yeah is there really anyplace better to call Camp 2? Sure I could be in Arivipa or Coyote Buttes, but if I was, I’d probably just be doing the Wilderness and have to minus the punk pretty quick as I set off on […]