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7 Ways to Shoot Comedy Videos with Sparse Money and Talent

December 13, 2020

Before you and I start down this road, let me state I am certainly not the most qualified or popular guy working with a team to shoot comedy videos for the web. However, if you aren’t either, this discussion could be more useful to you than to some internet celeb who has already quit his […]

Tiny Hands Video

May 23, 2020

Hi friends, please take a moment to enjoy the video my friends and I made which will end up costing tRump the election.   Have fun with Tiny Hands!!     Watch Video Here!!   Thanks so much for watching.   You can grab some of my fiction here, if you’d like to check it […]

Two Guns, No Clue

September 14, 2013

Here is a fun short Video that my friends and I  made last weekend     Here is the video Enjoy Click here for the laughs For More Laughs from The Daily Discord Crew Click here!