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The End of WildernessPunk?

October 12, 2016

Okay, so it is not like I haven’t hinted about this. Everyone has pluses and minuses in Life. Responses to responsibilities, gifts and people gunning for them. Okay, maybe you don’t have all those things, but I do. If it was just me, and I’ve said this too, I’d be off so deep, that I’d […]


September 14, 2016

Getting all my data, passwords, and such from Nicole’s laptop took longer than I had expected. I guess I got pretty busy with the laptop she loaned me for a 5.5 months. But now she’s gone, the farmer’s daughter has returned to the Indiana farm and I have one less pal in Flagtown. I probably […]

The Real World? Wilderness Punk vs Tarmac

August 12, 2016

I go from getting up in the woods and riding through five miles of forest, to having my Avatars powering through the web to support some of my Sharestorm people. But free food and Dr. Ps at AK Café makes it all so easy. One of my fav places to Jack-in for sure. After hitting […]

Wilderness Punk: Back to Camp I and some Fun

August 10, 2016

I found myself out of the cyber loop for a while out there in the Lilly Ponds. Friday night I spend alone. I wrote, hiked, looked at frogs, you know, the normal things. I did take a long mountain ride down the Sycamore trail. First time for that one and in the drizzling rain, it […]

Wilderness Punk Camp II, Pictures of Lillies

August 8, 2016

After my blast into town to take care of the human and cyber side of my current existence, a little luck finds me and I have a lovely mother and her two children take me out to one of my three favorite spots in Arizona, the Lilly Ponds. They are a secret place that even […]

Wilderness Punk, First Challenge

August 4, 2016

Something happened yesterday, which became very intense. I was tested. If I had failed, this experiment would be over before it started.   I heard something moving over the hills toward me. I’ve clocked hundreds of days of camping, but I had never heard anything like this. I could sense something traveling my way. A […]

Wilderness Punk, Setbacks

August 3, 2016

Waking up with the sun, I listen to the birds and hope they help drone out the plane passing overhead. I know I need to reach further into the wilds, but with just a bike for transportation, I’d leave the Punk/Cyber out of my Wilderness equation.   Since yesterday I expounded on my resources, I […]

Wilderness Punk, Camp 1, Day 2

August 3, 2016

Out in the forests ten miles east of Flagstaff, a place where pine and oak have juniper for a neighbor. Ravens and hawks battle the still air to fly over the hills and washes cutting through the green. I sit alone in the camping chair I found discarded—just today. I’ve repaired it to a relative […]

Wilderness Survival Quiz

May 4, 2012

The purpose of this quiz is to test yourself and your wilderness survival skills. In the age of cell phones and GPS, many of us think that such an event could never befall us, but each year hundreds of people are confronted with situations where there are no simple solutions and if they are not […]