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WildernessPunk: The Number One Thing

January 25, 2019

After my last adventure, I feel refreshed and ready to change the direction of WildernessPunk down a different one of its Arrows. This time diving into the issue of Climate Change. You know, the whole thing about keeping our planet alive. Often, in this stage in human existence, we’re informed of and confronted with the […]

WildernessPunk: Mists of Babble On (California Road Ripping Part II)

January 16, 2019

I should have known, but all it took was a few days for Greg to surpass my earlier winnings with his necklace sales, well trades, which are topping 250$ and counting. Yet, competition gives way to smooth sailing as we equip ourselves in style for the journey back, not only to, but also through 1000 […]

The Top Seven Creepiest States in the USA

October 31, 2018

Whether it comes to movies, written fiction, or true events, some places are just scarier and more dangerous than others. This list is based on events both real and imagined, but in the end, when you are standing alone in a darkened house as a door creaks open on its own or reading about the […]

Noble Savage? Part I, WildernessPunk

June 1, 2018

As I sit in my self-made campsite near the top of Arizona’s second highest peak, Mount Graham I see two choices spreading out before me. To my left the mountain stretches through the tall ponderosa lining its steep cliffs. A difficult journey into its mysterious shadowy depths awaits. To the right I can just make […]

7 Things I Learned by Spending Time Alone

May 31, 2018

I’ll jump into to the Seven Things in a moment, but since this is, by definition, an article expanding on personal experience, I’ll give the reader just a quick update on my ability to speak on this subject.  First off, I should mention throughout the majority of my life, I haven’t spent much time alone. […]

Ghost Town’s Ghost, WildernessPunk

May 12, 2018

This is my new thing, at least for the next month or so, I’m heading out into Arizona’s desert badlands on the week’s most off-days, Monday and Tuesday. Some people think you should only explore the desert in the winter. Forget such nonsense. One should experience an area’s true nature. You don’t become one with […]

Smashing the Gaslight-WildernessPunk

February 24, 2018

Is it just me or has the occurrence of foolish drama increased over the past year or so? Could this be because we have a president who seeks to make our government into a reality TV show? Perhaps we’re more sensitive to malicious plotting than we used to be or more informed in regards to […]

Can you go Back? WildernessPunk

February 9, 2018

They say, “You can’t go back.” Which is of course false, because you can go back, it just might not feel the same way. Yet, what makes it different? I often look back at even recent times in my life and marvel over how much has changed in just a couple of years, but things […]

WildernessPunk Justice

November 18, 2017

Justice, slow in coming, many say it’s blind. Some believe in a cosmic balance, fate, karma, we reap as we sow… . . I call BS on the above. Like most things we have the power to observe, Justice is random, karma only occurs through Chaos happening to get it right sometimes. Of course, sometimes […]

WildernessPunk Road Tripping

November 10, 2017

Normal reality you are slipping, when you start Road Tripping. Those of you who have been following WildernessPunk for a while will remember much of the original posting revolved around some serious Road Tripping across the grand old US of A. Whether you’re for or against this country, you have to love the environments contained […]