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September 22, 2016

Remember yesterday? Not yours, mine. Since then, 24 hours later, I’ve gone from being uncertain and insecure to determined. Even my spit of ill luck has washed away as our first Fall storm hits Flag. Funny how sometimes a person only needs a day to plan and plot, with a few conversations and some focused […]

WildernessPunk, Camp 1 and Having Fun

August 24, 2016

I find it strange to discover, after my back issues yesterday, that a night of sleeping on the earth has cured the pain. My legs are still torn up a bit from the sprinting, but I’m sure the 13 mile ride into town will take care of that. Also odd is… I woke up at […]

Wilderness Punk: Back to Camp I and some Fun

August 10, 2016

I found myself out of the cyber loop for a while out there in the Lilly Ponds. Friday night I spend alone. I wrote, hiked, looked at frogs, you know, the normal things. I did take a long mountain ride down the Sycamore trail. First time for that one and in the drizzling rain, it […]

The Forces of Yig Gain Major Foothold in the Crawdad Apocalypse War

December 13, 2014

Lilly Ponds Arizona, for the first time in six years the delightful chorus of frogs can be heard echoing up from the Lilly Ponds as long as you kick a few people to keep their snoring down. The high priest of Yig had this to say. “Ever since the Migo introduced crawdads into the Lilly […]

Al Gore , Men In Green, and the HARP that will Destroy Earth!

May 10, 2013

Collapsing Shack, AZ—This is some serious breaking news:  now that this distracting election is over, it’s time to push aside useless labels like Tea Bagger, Bleeding Heart Liberal, Limp-Wristed Cow-Kissing Independent, or Humanitarian Sheep-Humping Dingleberry. None of these things matter in the face of the 100 Angry Men and their lacky, nay, their leader, nay, […]

Are you a Serpent or a Rat? Take the Quiz of Yig and Find Out.

May 16, 2012

Are you one with Yig or cowering in the corner when the Earth comes under peril? Take Yig’s Stalwart quiz and see where you stand in the eyes of the All Father Serpent. You better hope you do well, for if you fail badly, you might be eaten. 1. You come across a person that […]

Our Mystic Week

January 28, 2011

Many people fail to conceptualize the full extent in which the concept of the week affects our lives. Will you be doing the same thing on Tuesday as you will be doing next Saturday? The week was originally designed as a Magickal construct based on pre-Christian deities and archetypes. So if the week was designed […]