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Wilderness Punk, Day 1



After three full days of packing, moving, cleaning, and a few spikes of harsh doses of unneeded drama, I and my two compadres have escaped from the Canyon Apartments, with our property and lives. Some of my dignity may have remained behind, along with my modern standard of living.


Water in wash

Hard rains are making even these Arizona washes flow during my early morning walk..

How will I look back upon this strange summer of torment and freedom? Will I lay curses at my feet, or feel forever thankful that I allowed myself the life of a writer, even if a mostly unsuccessful one.


As I finish loading up and locking down the life I once knew, I leave most of what makes a modern American behind in my storage unit. Some people might consider me about to live off the grid, but this will not be the case, for although my body, that force of existence that must be at all times present somewhere, will be a traveling through a chaos of locations and styles of adaptation, I fully intent to stay on the grind at least in cyber form.




This brings up the next topic, Cyber Punk. The meshing of cyber space and man’s understanding. The blurring of lines where you end and an internet reality begins. How real is your cyber presence and what skills and powers does it possess? More recently Steampunk is gaining in popularity, the idea of a fantastic creativity manifesting during a more romantic time, such as the Wild West or Gaslight London. Splatter punk and Zombie Punk have also been batted around. Splatter Punk, are the hardcore horror fanatics, while Zombie Punk is the concept of living through the terror of a zombie apocalypse and discovering methods to survive and often thrive through such adversary.


The idea of punk could be summarized as taking control of something once denied you. Punk Rock took and made their own music, style, and morality.  Cyber Punks take what they have the power to control on the internet. Steampunk is only limited by their creativity.


Perhaps what I propose has been accomplished and is currently being done, but instead of distracting from my little experiment, more people on board could be making it more valid. What if we could add a new type of ‘punk’ to our lexicon? Perhaps one more grounded in reality, but in most ways swimming against the current tide of our mainstream in the US.


Morning Walk

More of the Day 1 morning walk.

What I speak of is Wilderness Punk. This is the concept one could embrace nature, enter it, live off the land or at least with it, but somehow maintain a cyber presence, a writing presence, and perhaps thrive while doing so.


For me it will be starting today, August 1st 2016.  I set off to be a man between two worlds. One foot in the wilds of Northern Arizona with the other foot firmly connected with the entangled web, with all its advantages and curses. Will my writing slow or explode, will my various projects and marketing efforts thrive or will the trials and challenges of an outdoor environment slow my other e-efforts? I guess we will be finding out together.

Cliffs of lava


Thanks for listening and a little more on my back story next.


Grab some of my Skin-Punk fiction here


Ladder II

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  1. Your pretty high level Mike, I would just roll save and get on with it.

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