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Obsession by Ramsey Campbell

January 22, 2018

Genre:  Horror Publisher:  Samhain Published: 1985 Reviewer Rating:  4.5 Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths       Obsession by Ramsey Campbell is almost a mystery as much as a Horror novel, but it is certainly the latter with a sharp bullet. Ramsey sets up the scene, but does not walk your through what you should believe […]

Book Review of Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies by James Marshall

September 26, 2017

Genre:  Dark Fantasy Publisher:  Chizine Published: 2012 Reviewer Rating:  2 Stars Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths   Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies by James Marshall was published by Chizine, which has always been one of my favorite publishing houses, but if I had read this one of their novels first, I might not have ever enjoyed […]

Tainted Blood by Ferrel D. Moore

July 31, 2017

Genre:  Dark Fantasy Publisher:  White Cat Publications Published: 2011 Reviewer Rating:  4 Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths Tainted Blood by Ferrel D. Moore might be considered a horror by some, but I would place it firmly in the camp of Dark Fantasy, despite its high body count. The story has multiple POVs, but follows the plight […]

Book Review of The Queen Of Swords, by Michael Moorcock

July 20, 2016

Published by Titan Books, originally released in 1971 Stars: 5 The Queen of Swords, by Michael Moorcock is the second book in the Corum Eternal Companion series. Moorcock, as always, does a great job being creative and keeping the characters consistent between the novels while also letting them grow and change. There is also a […]

Book Review of The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

July 17, 2016

Published by, Titan Books  in 2015 Stars: 4.5 Looks like my streak of reviewing the best books ever in one year is continuing. I loved The Death House even if it is a Young Adult book. I will also throw this out there. I think it is the best young adult book I have ever […]

Book Review of Code Man Jackrabbit, by Elizabeth Noble

July 15, 2016

Published in 2016 by DPS Publishing Stars: 3 Code Name Jackrabbit is a Dark Fantasy novel by Elizabeth Noble. Very GBLTQ friendly, this novel revolves around two homosexual couples, which consist of a mated pairs of vampires and another with the oldest vampire and a werewolf. It delves into their relationships and includes a few […]

Book Review of Reawakened, by Colleen Houck

July 10, 2016

Okay I got another YA book, but at least it wasn’t written in present tense. This one is written from a teen-aged girl’s perspective. She is also beautiful and one of the richest girls on the planet. So yes, putting myself in her shoes felt a bit awkward, but Lily is a likable gal and […]

Book Review of The Lazarus Gate, by Mark A. Latham

June 21, 2016

The Lazarus Gate, by Mark A. Latham is a beautiful thing to be holding in your greedy reader’s hands. Although the genre’s a little hard to pin down on this one. I went ahead with Science Fiction, but Steampunk would work. You could almost call it horror and its certainly a mystery. Still, one thing […]

Book Review of Warlock Holmes, by G.S. Denning

June 17, 2016

Published by Titan in 2016 Warlock Holmes, by G.S. Denning, is more of a comedy than anything else, but some very inventive action, mystery, and adventure is thrown in. A strong dose of the supernatural is also added. This helps increase the excitement and more often than not the humor of the piece. The book […]

Movie Review of The X-Men: Apocalypse

June 14, 2016

The X-Men: Apocalypse Release: June 2016 Stars: 5   Okay for the few of you who might have read my recent review of Captain America: Civil War where I said that was my favorite Marvel movie, well it was two weeks ago, okay. But then this movie came out. I am not being fickle, X-Men: […]